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just when I thought...

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just when i thought it couldn't get much worse.
I had a head ct yesterday at my insistence. I had completed radiation therapy to the brain for brain mets from rectal ca (highly unusual, i'm told) at the end of july. My equilibrium was getting worse. My onc thought we were doing the head ct too soon. That we should wait one month and do it woth my abd and chest ct in one month(still have those mets in the lungs). But i knew something wasn't right. I'm 51. I shouldn't be walking around like my 90 something mother-in-law.
One of the tubes between brain ventricles is narrowing from the brain mets. So fluid isn't draining appropriately. One of them at least has grown larger. 2 options. Insert a shunt. this would be stopgap, but quick answer. Or go in and remove the tumor to relieve the pressure. I'm told this wouldn't be an actual treatment of the brain tumor. I do have more than one. I have an MRI monday at 6AM and an appt with a local neurosurgeon on Mon at 12:15 PM.
What's it like to get good news? Just wondering. It's been so long.
PS only daughter moving to Denver tomorrow.

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Mary -

One word for you... $%^*. That totally sucks @$$. I am glad that you were insistent with your doc (when will they ever learn that patients often DO know best?) and caught the narrowing now versus a month from now.

I am amazed by your spirit and determination. You are an absolute hero to every one of us here. Know that you are in my prayers daily.

Be well.

- SB

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Mary, hugs and i will be thinking of you on Monday and sending good thoughts and prayers your way. Good thing you did listen to your inner self and insisted on the ct as SB said. Please keep us posted. The surgeon may have some better options once the MRI results are in. God Bless and please let us know.

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P.S. I can also understand how you feel with your daughter moving to Denver. Mine was 2800 miles away for a while , but moved back here now thankfully. We talked 4-5 times a week on the phone though and I know it's not the same, but try to think she's a phone call away. It helps. Hugs .

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Hi Mary -

This definitely sucks! But so good that you pushed your doctor for a CT. I'll be thinking of your MRI and neurosurgeon appointment. I'm wishing you the best.


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It just doesn't seem fair, does it? You sound so calm in spite of it all. You know Lance had brain mets too, but he got through it. I hope you'll keep the faith and fight the good fight - which sounds like you're doing.

I'll be thinking about you and sending healing vibes.


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Hi Mary,
I'm so sorry to hear your news. The whole thing sucks!!!
I'm sending positive energy your way for a good appointment with the surgeon!
Stay positive!

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You are an inspiration for us all. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

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I admire your fighting spirit,and as Jadot said Lance had the brain mets and he won the battle,I will be praying that you continue with that same spirit,and you too will win this battle.Lots of hugs to you

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I am so sorry you have had more bad news. I so admire your fighting spirit. I can only hope to be as strong as you have been in your fight. You are in my prayers.

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Sorry to read the news:( You're in my prayers! Keep us in the loop, we'lll be looking for you.

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I am new to the site so have not spoken with you before but I am truly sorry to hear your news. I will be praying for you and hope that the surgeon will be able to give you some options.
All my good vibe mojo is going out to you!


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Sorry you are here, but glad you found us.
Jo Ann

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it is so hard right ? But please don't give up. We will pray for you. But visualize yourselg healthy, stay positive and believe that with God help YOU can do it !
God bless

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Aww Mary. I am so sorry about the news. I will be praying for you.


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Hang in there you are my inspiration I think of you often.

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I know that this is a setback for you, but from what I see, you are such a strong person that doesn't give up easily, which is a very important attitude to have when dealing with cancer. Please hang in there and keep fighting. I am praying for you.

God bless,

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Dammit! I have you in my mind big time this morning and early afternoon. I hope the vibes helped. I will keep them up.

Hugs my friend!!

Lisa P.

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That stinks! Hopefully all will get better from here. You're in my thoughts and prayers!

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Prayers are being said now and later.
Jo Ann

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Mary: what more can I say but that you are truly in my thoughts and prayers..I have been praying for you since I first came to this site I guess about 2 years now...keep fighting...

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Mary - sorry for the late reply -- I've been a little out of touch. Sorry to hear this latest news, honey. You are such a trouper. I know you will make good decisions. I know what you mean about good news. We all try to be positive but every now and then I caste my eyes up to the sky and howl - how about a lucky break?!? I never thought I'd be praying for boring and uneventful! But right now that seems like heaven. I am sending you prayers, good wishes, positive vibes and all else.

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