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I will have a tequila for you...

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Someone told me to start enjoying life...and I have been doing that pretty often...Puerto Rico in May...Cozumel last month and Tampico mexico tomorrow.....KNow what ? In my life I only took 2 vacations...yyeeeeaaarrrrsssssss ago...I really didn't do a lot of things for myself..but I am learning....and loving it...I WILL make plans for future, I am visualizing myself retiring in Cancun very soon...taking life very easily and enjoying all the good things that God gave us...This beast will NOT win this war...it took me 46 years to learn how to enjoy life, people, birds, the rain, elderly, babies, the beach, SHOPPING, flowers, helping people, friends....etc etc etc and "he" is not taking it away....
Believe and God bless....

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Have a great trip!!! You will need to make up for all of those years that you didn't do things for yourself! Boy, you've got a lot of fun ahead of you!!!!Glad you have learned, just sorry that you had to learn the hard way. Have a great trip and do have a tequila for me!!!


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Good for you! Get out there and enjoy yourself...You can tip a few shots back for me. I'm jealous!! I was gonna say, maybe you should just move down there...
Have a wonderful trip,
Susan H.

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Joined: Mar 2005

I am really thinking about it....Cozumel is soooo pretty...I went snorkling for the first time last month and it was an experience of a life time...is cheap and people are super nice....

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How about the greatest trip you could ever make??? That would be to Nashville in September to join other semi-colons sharing, enjoying and loving life!! - to the fullest. and the tequila doesn't stop flowing.

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Joined: Mar 2005

sounds great too !!!!! know what ? I will look into it....

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I know you will enjoy! Good for you. God Bless

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Good for you!! Life is good!


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wow what a positive attitude!!!!!
have a great time living again. only 1 question?
will you be doing the naked happy dance when you are indulging? lol!!!
be well
nevr,ever give up!!

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