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Hi friends. I haven't posted or read in months!

Things have been sort of sliding downhill for us. Jim is hardly eating. He's in excruciating pain, and they think it's coming from his liver. So right now he's getting down a couple of Ensure shakes a day, and that's it. Needless to say, he needs to keep his weight on in order to continue putting up a super-charged fight.

I am discouraged tonight. We are starting to have talks about "the hard stuff". I know it would be foolish NOT to talk about it, but it disheartens me so much.

I have taken over all the work at the house since Jim is almost completely immobile at this point. It's hard for both of us to have that happen.

Over the last month we've been on a tour across the US looking for new treatment options. The Mayo Clinic told us our best option was to stop treatment. We were just sick - Jim is only 38 years old and otherwise a very healthy guy. We have two young kids. We can't stop looking for something.

We did have a great visit at Sloan Kettering, though. Dr. Kemeny never once mentioned stopping treatment. She marched right in and helped us lay out a plan. Now that's a woman who's speaking my language!

We are currently in the process of getting Jim radiation microspheres for his liver at Northwestern. Things on his liver are not good. We're hoping this can stem the tide and possibly decrease some of his abdominal pain so that he can go back to systemic chemo (a trial) with both fists swinging.

We desperately need your prayers. For courage, for strength, for grace and for healing.

Thanks so much everyone. I've missed reading and posting, but I'm going to try and join in more often.



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    You have my prayers for courage, strength, grace and for healing!
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    Don't feel bad about not posting but please keep in touch with Jim's progress. Hopefully the microspheres will help to slow things down. Is Jim on a drip or anything for the pain? It just seems there should be some trial open to him. We will continue to pray for you and Jim.

  • vinny3
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    Don't feel bad about not posting but please keep in touch with Jim's progress. Hopefully the microspheres will help to slow things down. Is Jim on a drip or anything for the pain? It just seems there should be some trial open to him. We will continue to pray for you and Jim.

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    Thank you for the update. Sure wish it was better news.
    Prayers are coming your way for those microspheres to do their thing, so Jim can feel better with no pain and get back to chemo (what a thing to wish for, huh?).
    COurage, strength and healing to you both and your family!
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    Hi Kate,
    I'm so sorry that your post doesn't have better news! My thoughts are with you that Jim's treatment for his liver works and that things get better!
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    Kate, hugs and don't feel bad about not posting. We all understand. We all wish the news was better.Your right, you can't stop looking for options. Please let us know how the microspheres treatment goes. We are also exploring that option for Bob. Jim & you will continue to be in my prayers . God Bless
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    Hi Kate,

    I am seriously bummed about this recent turn of events. I totally agree that 38 is way too young to throw in the towel. I think that you two did the right thing in being persistant with Jim's treatment plan. How long has this been going on? Will his treatments be @ Northwestern Hospital in Illinois? If so, I'll go there to cheer you guys on, just a stones' throw from me.

    My hope and prayers go out to your family as well as all those so deep in the battle. Everyday there are new advancements coming out to make cancer very controllable.

    Huge hugs to you and your family,

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    Kate: I´m so sorry to hear Jim is feeling so badly, but please, please dont give up hope. I was also told that very little else could be done for me and I went to a doctor who refused to believe that. I am now on my way to liver resection on July 30th. It sounds as if you found a doctor who is willing to do the same for you and Jim, so don´t give up hope. My prayers are with your family, especially Jim. Monica
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    Jim and Kate,

    Heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with you for endurance, promise, and comfort and healing.

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    (((((Kate and Jim)))))),
    Your strength is awesome; more prayers coming for continued strength and courage in this fight. Judy
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    Hi Kate,

    Thank you for your update. I'm sending you, Jim, and your family my prayers and belief in miracles and medicine. May the microspheres be Jim's answer to making this manageable and eliminating his pain.


  • KathiM
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    I'm sending big, strong, healing hugs and vibes!!

    Please keep us posted as you can, dear soul...and if Jim is in such pain, ask if there is anything else to help...some people are finding some of the less traditional stuff (accupressure helped my back pain when the tumor was pressing against my tailbone) in addition to the rest seems to be a source of relief!

    BIG, warm, fuzzy hugs and prayers,

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    So sorry you are having to live this nightmare. I will keep you and Jim in my prayers.
    Jo Ann
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    Don't give up.....Meditate, visualize, pray..
    God Bless
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    Hi Kate
    Good to hear from you, but so sorry the news you have for us isn't better. You both have been in my thoughts and prayers these last few months. You are right to keep searching for someone that can give you hope; it sounds like you have found that with Dr Kemeny. Good luck at Northwestern. Please keep us posted. You have all of my prayers for strength and healing.

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    I am sending hugs, prayers and positive vibes.