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We MUST be 'more than 1%' by now!!!!!!

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I remember going to a conference a year ago where I was politely but firmly told that because of my age, and my sex (hummm, wasn't...oh! TMI), that I fell in the "less than 1%" of all colorectal cancer patients!!!!

With my sister, and other women I know in the 45-55 age range 'aquiring' this rare rectal cancer, even with no family history....well, I'm on a mission!!!!!

I WILL once again pick up my placard...and hit somebody with it if they don't listen!!!!

OK, thanks for listening...lol

Hugs, Kathi

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Luckily their silly stats were wrong about my life expectancy too!!!!!!!!

Lisa P.

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Hmmmm....I'm in the same category as you! Female...55 You hit for me, too, with your place card. Ha!

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I'm in the same category - 48 and Female.


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I'm in the less than 1% group. I was diagnosed at 32 years old. Female, and not one single risk factor! Hmph.

Yep, we need new info. Kathi, do some hitting for me too. jana

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Hey, Kathi -

Go for it. I'm at the top end of the 1% as I was "just" 55 when diagnosed. (Is it possible to be "just" 55?)


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Age 46 at diagnosis of stage 3 rectal cancer (4 years to the day today).
Healthy weight, worked out 5 days per week for 2o something years, very little beef in last 20 years or so (1/month would be an over estimation). Good vegie intake for 10 years or so. Only family relative with colon ca an uncle on my mom's side.
Only risk factor was alcohol intake 1-2, 5-6 days per week.
Gotta be more than 1 %.

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I agree, it's gotta be way more than 1%. Although last week my onc P.A. did say that I was the youngest (And I'm female) that their office had ever worked with. I was 36. (I'm 4 years out.)
Cindy Bob

Anonymous user (not verified)

yes, female, 48, colon cancer

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Clearly shows that statistics are quite unreliable...by the time they are published they are old and outdated. Just like survival rates, thank goodness.

I had a similar experience at an oncology conference last year. I sat in a room of fellow colorectal cancer patients, all of whom had at least 15 years seniority on me (I was dx at 42), and I asked if it is a good time to consider lowering the age for baseline colonoscopies. The doctor gave me a patronizing look and told me that people dx under age 50 is less than 10%. Kathi, you are beyond unique with the type of cancer you had.

If you are going to lobby for reducing the age from 50 to 40, or younger, for baseline colonoscopies...I'll hold 'em down until they listen or until you are forced to wield your placard!

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I was diagnosed at the age of 51, but the doctor said I probably had the beginnings of cancer at the age of 40 and that my children should be checked (colonoscopy) by the age of 30.

What can we do to get this across to the insurance companies and the doctors that many times by the age of 50 is too late?? I'm on that band wagon with you......let's talk.


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diagnosed with rectal cancer at age 46. I was told that my children should have a colonoscopy at age 30 which means my oldest needs one next year. Her physician has already told her he won't refer her because she is too young. Of course, her insurance requires a referal so she will have to change doctors. Most of them still don't seem to have a clue!

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Me too. Diagnosed age 44. Female. Zero risk factors, healthy. My kids will have to be diagnosed 30-ish. I was told I cd have had the tumour for 10 years, so I'll be pushing for even earlier. They cd nip a polyp, then monitor.

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What is the percent group for a male diagnosed at age 35 with stage IV disease?

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Hi Kathi.

The medical world is going to have to change it's guidelines.

I was 42 when I was diagnosed with stage 3 rectal CA.

My medical history:
healthy, NEVER smoked, NEVER drank, NO drugs, NOT overweight,was probably in the best shape of my life.

Weird thing is that I had just had a colonoscopy 1 year prior to this exam and everything was clean as a whistle. ( my father did have colon cancer - think it was stage 1 when he was 62?)

I went in for what I thought were hemorrhoids. SURPRISE! Either he missed it the first time, which I doubt, or it was very fast growing.

Anyway, my daughters are going to have to be checked early. I would like to see them go in as early as 20 -25.

Maybe we can have everyone chime in on this thread then everyone take it to their colorectal doctors and gp's. ( as well as the oncologists )


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stage 3 and 42 years old. My dr told me he should've seen me when I was 40. Grandmother had it at 70. If I didn't have any bleeding it could've been worse. So I'm in the 1%.


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I was diagnosed at 48 with colon cancer. By the time they took it out the tumour was the size of a "small football" so it had probably been there for ages. I had no risk factors whatsoever: no family history, not overweight, didn't smoke, hadn't eaten red meat for years, took lots of exercise ...


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Stage II @ 44......By the looks of this thread...definitely more than 1%

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I am still another Female 47 dx with stage 3 rectal cancer. The surgeon said it had been there for a while! No immediate family but a cousin. Anyway I'm with you, baseline at least 40.

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Check this out:


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Age 42 female dx stage IV hit them for me and hit them HARD!

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Another female here, 32 at dx of st4. I did smoke and only family connection was 2nd cousin on my mom's side and I don't consider that a connection.


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Ok, only have stage 3 colon cancer but was dx at 42 (umm, that is under 50) and take into the count that most times the tumor is in you for about 5 years right??? I'll help you hold them down so you can hit them. I tell anyone I can that I believe the age should be down to 40. My daughter was having problems and I went with her to the GP. I'm glad I did because he was just "poopooing" (pun intended) her problems. I gave him a lot of grief that she should be tested now since I started having problems at 21. She is 19. The good news is that she is all clear and the "ulcer" they thought she had was non-existent. It sure made me feel a lot better. One kid down and 4 to go. They are still young so believe me that I will fight to get them tested at 30 too.

Lisa F.

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Hi, I was 43 when Dx w/ stage IV colon cancer, never had the chance for "the test" suppose at 50. But in the last week I have had 3 people(men, when I tell them I had colon ca) say:
"I thought only men got colon cancer" makes ya wonder that not enough info out there. I am a statistic.... see ya , Amy

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age 48 female stage IIA rectal cancer

The onc said I probably had the polyp for 10 years. Hmm.... remove the polyp at 40 or colon resection and chemo at 48. What would you choose? I almost didn't even get my colonoscopy at 48 because the GI doc didn't think he had enough justification to get a preapproval from the insurance company!

Just let me know where and when and I'll help you fight. There are way too many of us becoming semi-colons when it could be avoided with earlier testing.

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