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I'm back, on a new study

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Hi everyone, with a special hello to all you new people. Sorry I was gone for so long.. needed soem space. But, I am back and will try to check in more often!

I started a new study about 5 wks ago. It is a phase 1 study because the drugs have never been used together before. I get: oxali, 5FU (and leucovorin), erbitux, and desatanib. The latter has been used for CML (leukemia) for a while, but it was recently found to have sarc inhibitors which should work for colorectal CA. They are also studing it with breast ca too.

It is OK.. I just HATE the damn 5FU pump. It makes me anorexic - just don't want to eat anything for about 2-3 days. Combine that with the throat neuropathy of oxali.. I am miserable every other week. I have to fly to Houston every week to get my treatment, but I think it is working... so I go!

Other than that all goes well. My hubbie and I are planning a trip July 12th.. I can't wait. The study allows a 2 week break.. we are Running!!:)

Wish all of you the best. For those of you who don't know me.. I am now a stage 4, originally stage 3 gal.. diagnosed late 2002.. and going strong. :) I have mets to lungs, bone, and now liver.. but feel fine. :)

Best to everyone! jana

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It is good to have you back at the CSN site. I think of you often and hope this new combo of drugs kicks cancer in the wazoo.

Have a great trip....can't wait to see the photos.

Take care and give my best to Pete.



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You are truly a great inspiration and I also think of you often! Have a WONDERFUL trip.

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It is always great to hear from you Jana!!!

You inspire me so much and I could never tell you how much I admire you. My best to Pete and the babes and have a great trip!!!! Can't wait to hear about the trip.

Hugs to you all and again thanks for checking in!!!!

Lisa P.

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Hi Jana,
I'm glad you're back and feeling good. I hope that the new study works.
I fully understand how you feel about the 5FU pump. I hate it myself and am hoping that my onc will come up with something else for the next round of chemo, however I wish it would make me anorexic. Unfortunately nothing seems to stop me from having an appetite.
Have a great trip and take care,

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Jana -- great to hear from you. I think of you often. I was really interested to hear about the new regime -- hope and pray it works well for you. Sympathies on the 5FU etc. I've just finished 12 cycles of FOLFOX + Avastin. I also had the anorexia and sore throat. I just ate what I could during the 2-3 days (not much at all). Would loose a few pounds each time, then try to put them on again over the next 10 days or so.
Thinking of you. All best wishes. Enjoy that holiday with hubbie!!

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Lisa Rose
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Hi Jana,

Wishing you and Peter a great vacation ~ enjoy your time away and each other.

Lisa Rose

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Hi Jana,

It's so good to hear from you. I'm so glad you and Pete can get away for a couple of weeks. You so deserve it!

You are truly amazing! I know these drugs will be the winning combination!



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Hi Jana -
It's good to see you back. Wishing you the best with the new treatment and have a good vacation - you REALLY deserve it.

Take care,

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Hi Jana, It's so good to hear from you, and to hear that you feel fine on the off weeks. One of my chemo buddies and I used to compare our trips to Whole Foods, cruising the aisles to find something that appealed to us.
The trip sounds great; enjoy your break and come back fighting. Your attitude is awesome; the need for a break from CSN is understandable, but try to keep us posted and know we are all thinking of you. Judy

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Hello and I hope you are doing well. I so appreciated your replies to me and my situation. I so hope this works. I assume that your are going to MD Anderson in Houston. That is the best I hear. I am at Stanford and doing OL. I just finished 6 months of chemo after liver resection and hope that my scan comes out OK. All my best and prayers to you.

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welcome back Jana and I wish you the best with the new treatment plan. Keep us posted. God Bless

ps enjoy your "vacation"

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