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Here we go again...sort of

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Hello All,
I had a biopsy done 2 days ago, and my gynocologist called me today & told me that I have early stage uterine cancer. Although it took the wind out of my sails since I am still dealing with side effects from the Folfox (Stage II colon cancer), I was not really surprised, since the gene that bestowed the colon cancer also bestows uterine cancer.
It is not classified as a metastasis, but a separate cancer. Several women in my family had uterine cancer first, had hysterectomies, and got colon cancer 20 years later.
So the bad news is another cancer. The good news is that treatment is surgery only--NO CHEMO!!! Wheeeee.
Anyway, just had to tell you all. You helped me get through the last one, and I'm counting on you again.
God Bless,

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Sorry to hear your set back. Keep up the positive attitude and get this taken care of. We are all here for you.
Be well
Never,ever give up!!!!!

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I am so sorry, Kirsten. It seems so cruel to have news like this when you are just getting over the chemo. At least no more of that - personally I'd rather have surgery any day than a long course of chemo. At least when you come round you know that you're going to get a little better every day - not like chemo when you keep being knocked back. Thank goodness they got it early.

Let us know when the surgery is scheduled.

All the best, Catherine

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Hi Kirsten,

Wow! What a blow! However, how wonderful that you have caught the cancer early. I am so sorry that you will have to undergo surgery, but am thankful that no chemo will be given.

Please know we are here for you once again. Let us know your details as they arise.



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Hi...I was dx with breast cancer a year after my colon cancer...very early stage also,,I had surgery and some radiation...NO chemo also...I don't even think about it that much at all..glad itI was caught on time...

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Thank you all so much for all the encouragement. I will get thru this "with a little help from my friends." I'll keep you all posted.


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Sorry about the news. Sounds like you caught it really early and that's great. Best of luck to you. Will keep you in my prayers. Keep the faith

God Bless

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