another mini update

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Had my appt. with my I mentioned before, nothing else "light up" on the Pet scan. Onco said that for this surgery to be a sucess...the surgeon will have to find the tumors..reason..they are to small !and also the location..Any suggestion ? Mi concern is that I really don't see another choice. In 6 months one tumor shrunk and the other one grew a little bit Your input will be aqppreciated...
But I am sooooooo happy that nothing else pop up ! wwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeee
God bless you all


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    Great news on nothing else showing up.
  • lfondots63
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    Congrats! Even a little bit of good news helps. Good vibes your way that the surgeon can take care of the two buggers still left. HUGS and keep us updated.

    Lisa F.
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    Ileana -

    Good news that nothing else shows up.

    I don't know anything about these kinds of tumors, but could an MRI help pinpoint their location? Just a thought - make sure your surgeon has every possible test so that he / she has the best information before going in there to get them.

    Best wishes,
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    This sounds like good news to me. Celebrate every chance you get! I don't know too much about this situation, but hopefully you can keep learning more and make the best informative decisions possible. At the same time, enjoy life!!!!!

    Have faith!

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    Good News!!!!

    Can they do ultrasound to spot those two shy ones?

    I am so happy for you, my dear! I, too, have nothing 'popping up'.....YEA!!

    Hugs, Kathi
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    Great news, Ileana, about no new tumors. Wishing you much success in locating and eliminating those nodes.