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Hello I'm Lorraine. I'm a rectal cancer survivor. This is the first spring that I have been pain free in four years. Looking forward to getting on with my life. I would like to meet others who have gone through what I have. Finding it difficult to move forward and enjoy my life, feels like my feet are in quick sand and they won't move. Anyone know of any fun events for singles?

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Welcome to the semi-colons!

Rectal stage III here. 2 years as of...WOW! tomorrow!!!!!

What was causing your pain? I haven't had much since my last partial obstruction (sigh...#6) about 6 months ago. I'm an expert...all but one I cleared myself...lol!

Fun events? How about the colonpalooza in Nashville in September?

Hugs, Kathi

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The Colon Palooza would be a great place to start. There will be a few singles there who are survivors of CRC. Please come join us in Nashville in September (12 - 16) Check out previous postings for the details - or I'm sure Stacy will be posting another info message soon.


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What is the Colon Palooza? Can anyone attend?

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Hello Lorraine,

Welcome. I'm a colon cancer survivor. I was happy to read that, after four years, you're currently pain free. That must be a great relief. Although I've endured this journey for just over a year, I too find it difficult sometimes to move forward and enjoy my life. As far as the singles' life goes--where are you located? Are there any volunteer groups that you can join?


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