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I just returned from the oncologists' office. My PET showed NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE! I didn't realize just how concerned I was until the relief came from the good news! We are going to continue with Avastin every 3 weeks, to keep me NED as long as possible! I was initially diagnosed with stage IIIB, had the resection, FOLFOX, which had to be stopped after 3 treatments and we continued with just 5FU and Leucovorin the remainder of the 6 months, then my cancer reoccurred in 2006, with a soccer ball sized tumor on my right ovary. We (I say we as if I did more than lay on the table looking mighty sexy while the doc did her stuff!) took out all the female stuff, along with my omentum, and various other miscellaneous items. I just completed the 6 months of FOLFIR which I tolerated fairly well, certainly better than the FOLFOX! The Oxaliplatin and I just didn't get along at all! Anyhow, I am so thankful for the NED and am looking forward to getting myself back in shape (yea, I lost a bunch of weight while the tumor was growing in my abdomen, but managed to put it all plus on during the treatments!) Now I have to get myself back to fighting weight!

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Yeah!!! This news rocks!!!
I just found out today that my scans were clear also. Know just how you feel!!!
I too have to workout, seems like I'm always starting over on that. At least I can start over and I'm so very happy about that today.
Jo Ann

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Jams, congrats as well! Great news

Posts: 1048
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wooohoooooo. Am so happy for you. Enjoy! That's terrific news. God Bless

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Congratulations on your NED report,is a great feeling, I got my good news last Friday so I khnow how you feel.

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Congratulations to you, Betina and Jo Ann. Stay fit, healthy and keep on kickin' butt.

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That's wonderful news. We especially like it to come in bunches (you, Betina, and Jo Ann). Keep it up. I will be tested in several weeks and hope to be able to say NED also.


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Great news!


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Fantastic news -- congratulations. And we seem to have a flurry of good news (jams67, betina61) -- great! Yea! Thanks for sharing your wonderful news with us. And thinking of those with upcoming tests (like Dick/vinny3).

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Great news!! Don't forget to do the dance. Monica

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CONGRATS on being NED. The standard for being NED is KATHIM's HAPPY NAKED DANCE.

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Congratulations on NED scan results to you, Betina, and Jo Ann. We are all waiting to hear the same from Dick's tests.



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Congrats! i love to hear good news!

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Congrats! I love hearing about NED!

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Hurray!! Do that naked happy dance with NED - he is such a hottie!! I am incredibly happy for you. jana

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What good news on this board today! Congrats on the GREAT results. I have to say, 3 years out from treatment, and a year of working out, and my tired old self is in great shape (the best in years and years!) Good luck to you! Judy

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What wonderful news! Congratulations!

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oh yeah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thank you so much for all your responses! and especially to those who shared their stories of NED as well! It really is good to hear so many good results in the fight against this beast!

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