Anyone putting off non cancerous medical procedures?

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Does anyone else put off non cancerous medical procedures? If I have a wart on the end of my nose for example, I will put off going to see about it until I have my CT scan. I want to be sure I'm still NED before I go to the trouble of having it removed. That is just one example. I think I'm adjusting very well after kicking the beast out of my body, but I will always worry that he might come back for a visit. I feel less anxious as time goes by, but I'm not sure that this feeling will ever change. I'll probably die from the wart.
Ha, Jo Ann


  • chynabear
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    LOL Jo Ann,

    I put off going to the doctor (or dentist for that matter)! I think mine has more do with with the fact that I have always hated going to the doctor and now I have been forced to go multiple times a year for the last 4 years. I'm sick of seeing doctors! :D

    On the other hand, I do go to my annual exam. I know how you feel though about worrying that the beast can still turn up. I just tell myself that if he does, then we will fight and win again. The cards are in my favor this time around because I am being screened every four months. It's funny, though, because I always look first to see if something wrong with me can be cancerous.

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    I put off going to the dentist for the past year while having surgery and then chemo. Just didn't feel like having anyone else mess with me. Now on vacation I broke off part of a tooth so it will be back to the dentist shortly.

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    Do what you feel comfortable with when it comes to elective procedures. However, some people with cancer seem to put off other medical visits, check-ups, etc. It's important to not forget the other stuff as well (you don't want to kick cancer and sucumb to heart disease).
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    I'm in the midst of chemo now. My goal, between treatments, is to have as many days as possible with "no contact with the medical profession". The other day I even postponed taking my dog to the vet! And, no plastic surgery in my future: there is no way I will ever have "elective" surgery -- or even an injection! ha ha