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Scared and anxious....Part 2

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I wrote previously about some symptoms I was having and that I was 3 weeks out from my first ever colonoscopy. Well....it's now 6 days away. As much as I want to know the answer, I also don't want to know (even though I do), if that makes sense.
Most of the symptoms I had are gone....no more bloating, no more bleeding (it happened 1x), appetite is good and no more weight loss. The only real problems I'm having are that I still seem to have more gas than normal, and I have some pain in the low right side abdominal area. The gas isn't painful...it's just loud stomach rumbling noises as if I hadn't eaten in days. And the sbdominal pain I have feels like a "catch"....like an adhesion pulling. It's not a sharp pain, but more of a dull ache in the same area.
Anyway, I haven't been able to stay away from the internet in researching colon cancer. Obviously, it can be anything at this point. It's just that sometimes I have such a bad feeling about this. Even though I don't know yet what's going on, I can sit and cry about it. Yes, I'm depressed over what I feel the outcome will be.
I've been a lurker on this board for some time now and have a great deal of respect for anyone going through all this. The support that you all have with each other is amazing.
On that note, I'm going to ask a favor: Please keep me in your thoughts for a good outcome on my scope next Wednesday. I'll more than willing to take any prayers, good wishes, good mo-jo etc etc that anyone is willing to pass my way. I want to turn over every rock there is, and it starts with asking for help.
Thank you so much.

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You got it, Pat. Keep positive, as you have mentioned, it could be anything. But regardless what it is, you are in my thoughts and prayers. Don't forget to keep us posted. Monica

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You're in my prayers. Waiting is very hard. Stay positive and don't let the depression consume you. It stinks, but even if it's not great news, you have the resources within yourself to beat it. After all, you found this board right? You'll find the strength to push on no matter what the outcome.


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Good luck with the colonoscopy. The prep is the worst. You could have alot of things besides cancer. Don't think the worst.


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Hi Pat,

I agree with the others. It could be anything at this point. Here is good vibes that it is something very simple. I will keep you in my prayers and make sure you come back and tell us what happened. And yes the prep is the worst.

Lisa F.

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HI. you'll find much support here. Wishing you great results and will keep you in my prayers. I know waiting and worrying are very hard, but remember worry doesn't accomplish . Please let us know how you do. ! Keep positive. God Bless

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