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I have not posted for awhile...a long cold and a busy Christmas season (home and work) have kept me tied up. But I do want to wish everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year. I am an 8 year survivor of stage 3 rectal cancer and will bring in the New Year with a 6 mile run with a group of friends. I can remember being in the middle of treatment (no picnic) and just wishing that I could feel well enough to run again. Well, 8 years and almost 12,000 miles of running later, here I am! Still struggle with some lingering effects of radiation and surgery, but it does get a little better each year. Fight strong survivors in 2007! fedester...glad you are home and healthy for the new year!

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And to you as well...

Keep running!


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A Happy New Year to you also. May 2007 be the year of many blessings to us all.


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Thanks for the information. We love to see that 8 year figure. Keep up the good work and keep us informed.

Happy New Year to all as well. May 2007 be better for all of us.


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G'day Runner! Run on into 2007 mate....and beyond. Great to see you again. A true message of hope for all our friends here.
Huggs, Ross n Jen

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Happy New Year To You!!!

I also love that 8 year figure!

I am also a runner.........and I look forward to getting back into the running world in 2007.

Run On!!!


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Happy New Year, Runner! Stay healthy and keep running.



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G'day Runner,
My best wishes for a happy and healthy new year mate. I must say I am very proud of your journey ,knowing what you have come through added to the stresses of life and your work . You keep coming back with your pro-active message and survive by example. By comparison to you I feel like the accidental tourist come survivor. I start into year ten on the 22nd of Jan ,I guess it doesn't matter how you survive as long as you survive. I do know that your recipe for survival seems to have given you a far better quality of life than the accidental one ,keep up the good work and stay happy and healthy ,Ron.

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Happy New Year Runner. Keep on running. Be well and be Blessed.

Hugs, Russell

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