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Penile Cancer Support

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I have posted under the Penile cancer link.My 45 year old boyfriend & high schhol sweetheart,was recently diagnosed with squamous cell cancer & I have decided to start a group on yahoo on this topic,as there does not seem to be much out there as far as contacting others with this.We are currently waiting on x-ray results & a Ct of Bladder & Moh's surgery has been scheduled for Dec 5th.Would like to hear from anyone else dealing with this.My email is sayno2shoes@yahoo.com-If any one would like to join,the link is as below...
Thank you..Kathie & Don...N.W.Indiana

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Hi Kathie -

This is Betsy from the colorectal message board - Stage IV colorectal diagnosed June 2005 - doing well. I am so sorry for the troubles you and your boyfriend are going through. And I can't tell you much about penile cancer.

But, Kathie, I can tell you that I thought Stage IV colorectal (there is no Stage V) was an automatic death sentence, but I have been no evidence of disease (NED - you will learn to love that term) since August 26, 2005 - after surgery and JUST 2 chemo treatments- though I completed 6 chemo treatments.

Take care - I am wishing the best for you and while I can't help with the specifics of penile cancer, I can tell you that cancer is not always the hideous thing you expect it to be.

Best wishes for your sweetheart,

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