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2nd round for me

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Well on Monday I start another round of chemo. They found cancer in my stomach 2 nodes. I'm going with the same protocol as I had last year however instead of oxiplantin due to a reaction on number 9 that I had we are replacing it with camptosar. Which I heard causes diarrhea so I'm off to buy some Imodium AD for Monday. I'm still counting on going to Halifax on Thursday I have a colostomy so it's not like I'm going to crap my pants or anything. I'm hoping for the best!

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Oh honey,

You just crack me up. You know I am with you all the way but I had to tell you that when I had my colostomy bag and was doing the colonoscopy prep (for a flex sig and it wasn't even necessary), it hit me so fast and furious I did not have time to respond. The bag burst and needless to say it was a mess!!!!!!!!!!

Hugs and see you Thursday!!!!!!

Lisa P.

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I am also on Camptosar (Folfiri). If you take anti-nausea meds, that sometimes causes a little constipation......even on Camptosar. However, keep the immodium AD handy at all times. CPT-11 can produce a powerful burst of....well....you know what.

You are in my prayers. You are a brave soul to make this journey. I have shots I take everyday when I'm not on chemo, so Halifax is out of the question for me. Besides, the nausea has really been bad for me this time around.

I am hoping to talk to ya'll while there. Have a safe wonderful trip. See you the next time around.



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Aw, Sue.....my biggest strongest vibes for you Monday....
I couldn't do any Imodium...plugged me so bad, nothing for 5 DAYS!!!! I at bananas and cheese. Not together (hehehehehe). And, my fav, CHOCOLATE!!!!

Have a safe trip to Hailfax!

Hugs, Kathi

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My prayers are with you for your journey through chemo and finding NED at the end.

It sounds like your heart and mind are already there to fight. Keep up the great attitude and come yell at us when you can't.


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Good luck with the treatments. Hopefully the first treatment won't be too hard on you. I think it's the cumulative effect that gets hard. Enjoy that trip!

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hey sue,
sorry to hear you are fighting the beast again.
fight the the fight, get out the sword and cut his head off.
be strong,
be well,
never give up
jersey boy

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All the best to you as you face this round. Keep up the awesome spirit and enjoy the company and support of everyone in Halifax.
Stay strong! Judy

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Dear Sue,

Wished we lived closer and I would come and sit with you tomorrow. Please know that I'm there in spirit. We will surround you with healing hugs in Halifax.



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Good morning Sue
Just to let you know thst I am presently on campostar and erbitux. No diarrhea. Hope it,s the same for you. Have a blast (maybe wrong choice of word) in Halifax. And the rest of the crew too.


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I am sooo sorry to hear that you will be fighting this beast again. Please keep all of us informed and updated on your progress. I will pray and am sending huges and kisses.

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