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good cat scan results

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I had a cat scan on Wed. It started out as a terrible day. It took me 2 1/2 hours in the rain to get to the hospital. It normally takes about an hour. When I got there I had to "P" so bad I almost didn't make it to the bathroom. I started the cat scan drinks and then they tried to get my IV in. The IV was difficult so they put hot towels on my arms. As I was sitting there with a lamp on my arm to see my veins, the lamp burned my arm a little. As they were still looking to find a vein the oral contrast started working. EXPLOSION. And with a colostomy it wasn't pretty. Three nurses and six tries later and no change of clothes I had my IV and then my scan. I then went to see the ostomy nurse and learned to irrigate, So far so good.

I work in radiology and got the disc so one of the docs I work with read the scan.

I did meet Judy for lunch and had a lovely time. She's the first person the site I met in person.

I will be 3 years out from my stage 3 rectal cancer on June 26. I am doing the happy dance.

I feel great, it has been a long time in coming.


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hi maureen,
great news, sorry you had some time of it. happy up coming 3 years, i will be having my 2nd may 24,
all the best

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Lisa Rose
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Hi Maureen,

So glad everything worked out... Congratulation's on your upcoming 3rd anniversary.

Enjoy the moment and have a dance with NED.

Lisa Rose

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That's great news. I am very happy for you. You are so lucky you were able to get your results right away. My dad had his scan yesterday and we won't find out the results until Monday. What torture!!!

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Great news about your scan results! Good results make the whole procedure less painful (in memory, anyway). I'm so happy for your "affair with NED".


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What great news!! Thanks for sharing !!
Take Care and God Bless.

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hi maureen,
sorry to hear your cat scan was such a rough one but glad to hear irrigation went well.once i can i will do the happy dance for you. thanks for the update.

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This board needed some happy news today. Thank you for sharing your news with us. I'll do a little happy dance for you.


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Maureen -

What wonderful news! Congratulations!!

Isn't Judy great?

- SB

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Congrats Mo!

Omigosh that did sound like the nightmare day! But it definitely turned out beautiful. You've got another notch in your belt, less weight on your shoulder, and a longer exhale!!

Woot woot!

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Hi Maureen -

What a terrible day, but what a great end! I'm happy for you.


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Hi Maureen - what GREAT news!!! Congratulations!

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Wonderful news on your scan results, I am happy for you. What a terrible time you had getting ready for the scan though..Audrey.

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Hiya Moe...hey..great stuff gal!Congratulations!I am wondering...did you have any reactions to the IV stuff? I have another coming up shortly and last time it made me sick as a dog.
Keep kickin butt babe, huggs, Ross n Jen

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Great news, Maureen! Thank goodness you didn't have to wait for the results. Keep doing the happy dance with NED!



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