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CP3 update from Port Ouranus

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Lisa Rose
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Joined: Mar 2003

Howdy from Texas!!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa Rose and Andy got in today and this is the first Palooza they got their bags on time (they did not check them for a change).

Kay, Kerry, Scouty, Kanga, and Jen met Lisa Rose and Andy at the Austin airport. We smoozed awhile and then the "foreigners" left for the Gulf of Mexico.

4 1/2 hrs later we are on the gulf with warm weather and great food. We even brought some much needed rain to the area, but when it is 80 degrees with 80 percent humidity, rain is good!!!!

Lots of semi-colon jokes like only we can appreciate, but you have to be here to enjoy them....heh heh.

We will represent you all the best we can!!!!!! SEMI-COLONS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bud is due soon and we expect to meet Jana and her husband Friday, and hope like hell that Wanda and Harold as well as Jerri and Jimmy show up for hugs before the weekend is over.

Buttercup and BSrules will be on the karioke mikes Thursday evening and you will never hear a negative word about that from the 2 Lisas.

Stacy, Sponger, and Emily, we miss you, love you and please know you are here with us in spirit. You helped start this board and we will never forget that!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa Squared!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hey guys, I'll be seeing you tomorrow. I can't wait. It was a tearful goodbye with the kids this morning (they're spending the night with their daycare mom cause I have an early flight).

I feel kinda guilty because they are so afraid of me not coming back, but I assured them I'll see them Sunday.

OK, now that I've bummed everyone out....sorry!!
Who is going to be belting out some songs with me? I've been practicing my Sheryl Crowe (Ross, she does a duet with Kid Rock called "Picture").

Don't be surprised if I throw a little Partridge Family in there....lol. Well I'll see you all tomorrow.


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Nanuk is in Austin -I'll contact you guys Thursday afternoon after getting RV serviced & cleaning out dust fro Kansas and Oklahoma...hugs,

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Joined: Mar 2003

Can't wait to meet you all. I live in Austin and am getting the details to see you all hopefully as early as Thursday! Until then- I hope all are well and having a great time!

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Posts: 1249
Joined: Mar 2003

Look up jealous in the dictionary, and you will see my picture!

I expect a call Thursday night!

Smooches to all,

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Posts: 1976
Joined: Apr 2004

Coors Light smoochies back at cha!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa squared...........

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Joined: Mar 2004

Hello! I am getting out of Jersey in about 2 hours. It is going to be nice getting out of here for a while! See all of you soon!!! Enjoy the Gulf!!!!!!

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Joined: Aug 2004

Hey all you Paloozaers, I just mailed off a dvd that I made for you. It's got a little of NYC and some semi-colon pics, as well as an into to my family. ( and some NY goodies for Ross and Jen)

See who can find my stupid misstake I made in the dvd. ( That I found after I burned it! UGH)

Well, enjoy!



suzannchili's picture
Posts: 135
Joined: Mar 2003

NY goodies? I'm originally from Woodhaven, Queens. Note to self: make friends with Ross and Jen. FAST.

Posts: 768
Joined: Aug 2004

Oh, it's just touristy stuff. Nothing to get too excited about.

Although, that does give me an idea!

I'll be back.


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Joined: Oct 2005

Don't forget me I can't wait to meet everyone.

Posts: 757
Joined: Jul 2004

hi all,
you are all having to much fun !!!
well enjoy and sorry i wasn't able to be there with you all. maybe next year we can do a eastern us cp.
take lots of pics and have a great time!!!!
all the best

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Joined: Jul 2005

I'm glad you all are having a good time. Having lived in Texas for years, I mentioned Scouty's "Port Ouranus" to my husband and he said "Oh - she must really hate it" - so much as I love him, unless you are a semi-colon, you may not really get it! Have a great time. Wish I could meet you all and join the group but I am enjoying hearing about your fun.

Love all


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Posts: 1080
Joined: Aug 2003

Sounds like you guys are having a blast. I wish I was there. I hope someday to meet y'all. How's that for a Yankee. lol

Have a great time on thursday. Are you guys taking phone calls.


Posts: 297
Joined: Apr 2004

Port Ouranus...I love it! Semi colon humor!!! I wish I could be there!!! Keep the updates coming!!! Terri

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Have a RIP-ROARING howdy-doody good time!

Ok ladies, just remember: BUD IS MINE!

Scouty you gonna be juicing those texans or getting "juiced"?

Remember, Bloody Mary's are NOT considered veggie juices!!!


Love to y'all. Wish I could be fly on the wall.

peace, emily who is not missing the 80% humidity part at all! :-)

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