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xeloda oxaliplatin

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Joined: Apr 2006

Hi everyone! Will be starting this week on a Xeloda Oxaliplatin treatment. Anyone done this one? Can you tell me what your weekly regimen was and how well it worked? Would appreciate any feedback. Thanks and much love to all of you, Don.

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Hi Don - I was on Xeloda / oxaliplatin / Avastin. Email me at the CSN site and I'll be happy to share my (so-far successful) story.

There are others on this combo also.


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Hi Betsy.....I am starting on same three drugs this week...would like to hear anything you can share

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Send me an email at my home address (elizlwil@hotmail.com) and I'll reply. I hate CSN mail!

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Hi Don,

We exchanged emails a couple of weeks ago. I was on the Oxaliplatin/Xeloda treatment. Did well on it with some minor side effects.


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Hi Kerry,

I'm considering a using this chemo treatment plus radiation. Do you know what the dosages were? How was the Oxaliplatin administered? Over a few hours per visit or continuously via infusion pump? Did you have radiation with the chemo? Can you elaborate regarding the minor side effects?



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