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In 1980 my mother was diagnosed with cervical cancer, she had 31 radiation treatments and 2 inplants. Since that time for 25 years she has paid for the effects of surviving cancer. She has underwent a vascular bypass in her left leg, has had to have that repaired numerous times due to the radiation build up. She has had a colostomy due to the radiation destroying her bowels. She has went through several bowel blockages, January 17, 2006 she was admitted to the hospital with a bowel blockage, she was operated on and a new colostomy placed on her right side, (she now has 2) her incision was left open due to the fact that she had a busted hernia in her lower stomach prior to surgery. Although the incision seems to be closing nicely, she has had her bowel rip and drain through her bladder out her cathater, now she is passing blood with blood clots through her bladder. Tomorrow they will go in and see what is causing this they fear the bladder lining has been radiated. This has not been an easy road for her it has been 6 weeks in the hospital - she has not been able to eat. When she went in to have her first vascular surgery my family was told her lining was like concert, all the radiation built up and settled and continues to work in her body. Has anyone had anything like this or know of anyone who has?

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Sorry to hear your mother is having a difficult time. I had 25 radiation treatments following 2 surgeries for cervical cancer in '84. I refused the implants at the time because I was having too much pain, side effects from the treatments. I have experienced back/leg/feet problems for the past few years. Tests show arthritis, degenerative disc disease. I'm wondering how much of this is related to the radiation. I've tried getting info on the long term effects of radiation, not much out there. I think my problems are related directly to the radiation. I'm grateful I survived these past 20 years, but would like to have a doctor verify the connection, none have so far.

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I had cervical cancer in 1989, had radical hyst. then 27 radiation treatments.Ever since had bowel, bladder.and much other damage. Sept. 2004 had a perhiperal bypass. Surgeon said it was like concert. Lost the use of right leg from the treatments,blockage in the area. They took out all my female organs, one third of the viginia(don't know if that's spelled right) and the lymph nodes. My legs, right hip and feet are a problem. I stay home a lot because of bowels, bladder and legs and hip, but I try to take one day at a time. I am not sure I would have taken the treatments if I knew all I know now.I don't know if this helps, but there are so many with damage I am learning about on this site. So far I deal with the bowel and bladder problems, but your Mother also had 2 inplants which caused more damage I am sure.

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Reading your short story was like hearing my mothers. My mother also bypass surgeries to provide arteries into her legs. The vascular graphs are located in her pelvic area feeding down each leg. They have become infected a couple of times and had to be redone once. Since January she continues to fight, one doctor (the one who has operated one her so many times) has stated that he can nolonger do anymore. She has went to a bigger hospital, where she will soon go back to surgery - he will try and repair the narrowing in her bowels, however he belives now there is may be a connection between the bowels and the small intestine but will not know until he goes in. She continues to have a cathatore as now her bladder has a hole (removing the bladder is not an option, it is cemented into place). She had a drainage tube that is keeping her bowel drained so that it does not cause a blockage. She cannot eat, she is on IV saline to keep her body hydrated. She only has one kidney due a surgery she had 3 years ago and lost one. It is by fair a very tiring walk for her. I have seen so much sadness in her eyes lately, at one time she was the toughest woman I know --- now she is just tired.

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i had 35 radiation treatments and a "boost" after a clinical trial....dose intense combos of chemos.....10 rounds total...and modified radical mastectomy....for almost a year my chest looked a little pink, but ok....then gradually started to change.....now, 6 years after radiation, my entire body is affected.....left side (radiated) has "shrunk" about 3 inches....shoulder turns down and in.....rib cage protrudes and have broken ribs 4 times.....on maintence mscontin and neurontin and have myofascial release physical therapy....it has helped most.....but body continues to change....

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