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HRT and radiation - please help!

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Ladies, or anyone - my mom is about to go through 7 weeks of radiation for cancer of the pharynx (stage 3), please does anyone have any information on radiation and hormone replacement therapy? Should she still be taking this? Is it safe to keep using it?

Please help!

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Hi Sandra,
Sorry about your Mom. I've had radiation on the head/neck area for a different kind of tumor. Has your Mom gone thru menopause? It is possible for radiation to affect pituitary in head, it happened to me and I had a radiation induced menopause before I was 40. These days hormone replacement therapy is recommended for only a short period of time. I had HRT for years and quit when I found out the problems it causes. You need to check with doctor about HRT and radiologist.
God Bless,

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Hi there Tere,

Thanks so much for the information and I wish you all the strength in the world. Take care and thanks so much for coming back to me.

Take care,

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I had 6 1/2 weeks of radiation for the Nasopharynx. I was not offered hormone replacement therapy. But I also had chemotherapy, so I skipped menopause altogether. I wish you and your mom the very best.

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I've had 7 weeks of radiation for tongue. Though I'm in my 40's I've had no problems with hormones. Stay strong. I'll keep your mom in my prayers.

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