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Mixoid Chondrosarcoma (or neuronal)

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Hello. I live in NY. My partner was diagnosed with a high grade sarcoma in his right thigh which was removed 'en mass'. The tumor was about 4cm long within a capsule. He had no symptoms and this tumor was detected because of an MRI due to an auto accident. The tumor was removed by a neurosurgeon. The medical oncologist would have preferred chemo first to shrink the tumor, followed by a wide-excisional surgery, then chemo and radiation low dose). However he is comfortable with the neurosurgeons competency. No metasatsis on complete body scan. The chemo is six months (ifosfamide, mesna, cisplatin and Adriamycin) Its rough right now. On this third cycle. Anyone undergone this regimen?

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CSN Dana

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very similar found in lower leg and they amputated lower leg but I am going through 8 cycles of same drugs

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Hi Alfonsj,

I realize that your post was from a while back and that a lot has likely changed for you.  I hope this has been in a positive direction.

Votrient (pazopanib) is being used for sarcoma therapy more commonly now than older chemotherapy regimens (ifosfamide, mesna, cisplatin and Adriamycin).  There are also other variants of pazopanib available via participation in studies.  These meds are classified as TKI's (tyrosine kinase inhibitors) and they work by inhibiting angiogenesis which is new blood vessel formation.  Actively growing tissue, good or bad, both needs to develop new blood vessels to survive.

I am currently taking it and tolerating full dosage.  This is for recurrance of my sarcoma.  My initial therapy was radiation (IMRT) followed by local excision.  Votrient is not definitive therapy.  Still needs to be followed by RT and surgical excision.

Again, I do hope things have gone well for you.Rick

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Rick in Bend...is the votrient still working for you...my dad starts it this week. Do you take naseau med and if so what kind?


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