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Post Radiation muscle pain

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I had surgery to remove a dermatofibrosarcoma from my left shoulder in 2000. I also had 7 weeks of daily radiation treatment to my left shoulder area. Now I constantly have stiffness and in some cases pain, in the radiation area. Does anyone else have this? Is there something I can do?

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I had a soft tissue sarcoma removed from my left knee area 1 year ago with 25 radiation treatments following surgery. I recently went to my ortho oncologist with similar complaints of decreased range of motion of my knee, stiffness and actual pain in the thigh muscle area. He repeated an MRI to make sure no recurrent tumor and found only fluid around the joint. He ordered a drug called Trental three times daily and physical therapy to resume for ROM and stiffness.He said that these symptoms are "normal" delayed responses to radiation therapy. I guess it's the price you pay for a cure!
Good luck!

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I had radiation in the chest all the way up to my neck area for 7 weeks. After radiation, I started to get stiff on my right arm ( where they radiated) and every where else (knees, shoulders, hips, arm, etc..)I told my Radiologist and Oncologist and they had no clue what was wrong. Well, on my own, I decided to go to a Rheumatologist and after blood and MRI tests, they found everything clear but they told me I had Fibromyalgia ( pain and stiffness in the joints and tissues). I am doing physical therapy now but my right arm (that was radiated)is locked, meaning my shoulder tissue is attached to my arm tissue,and I cant bring my arm fully up and is very painful. I would ask your doctor about Fibromyalgia or find out more abot it. Your case sounds like mine. If it persists, I would recommend seeing a Rheumatologist. Good luck and take care !

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Radiation therapy can cause moderate to severe adhesion formation within the soft tissues of the body. These tiny glue-like bonds form to help the body heal from radiation therapy and surgery. I am happy to share some useful information here. Thanks.
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