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L. Armstrong...

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Wouldn't it be cool to see Lance do a victory tour across the US. He could promote cycling and cancer at the same time... Remember the movie Forest Gump? When he started running people just followed? It would be the same for Lance. If he came through Milwaukee I'd blow the dust of my Pea Picker (old Schwinn bicycle) and join him for as long as I could. I think it would be a worthwhile endeavor and a great way to raise awareness!!! Perhaps I'll email the folks at Livestrong?

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Tell you what Buster.....he would sure raise a packet mate!!
Of course I would love to join in too but my bike is a bit like my motorcycle. The motorcycle don't run under water and the bike would rust before I got there!!!!!

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I would much rather see him do that, then go into politics and have to do things one of the political parties wants him to instead of what he believes in unless of course he runs under a "free" party.

Maybe he will do it when his kids get a little older. He wants to spend more time with them so that way he could take them along.

Lisa P.

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Good idea. Is Lance listening? Of course we
don't want anyone to promote cancer, right?

big al

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Hey Lisa..sweetie...babe...honey...darlin...did yah get my email or is your mail still playin up? Or are yah pissed at me for not ringin yah??Awwww..jest kiddin...luv Ross n Jen

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