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ct results not good

Posts: 145
Joined: Mar 2004

hello all. i got my ct results and meet with the onc on monday. it showed progressive disease. the tumor in my left lower lobe is twice the size it was just in may and i have one in my medial sternum and prgression in the nodes. i expected some growth but not like that. i write this with many tears flowing from my eyes not for me but for my children. i know the Lord will take care of them if this stupid disease takes my life but in the meantime i need the strength to deal with this new trial. and i am soooooo tired. i plan to fight this but for today i just need someone to lean on. thank you


Posts: 130
Joined: Sep 2004

Oh Nettie, I am so very very sorry for this step back, but please know that there is still a very good chance you can overcome this hurdle. I'm sure you onc will have a new game plan ready for you on Monday. I know it's so so hard right now but pleaaassseee try to stay positive. DOn't forget there are many people out there who have advanced disease and live a long life.

I will keep you in my prayers and please let us know how Monday's visit turns out.


Posts: 17
Joined: Feb 2004

Hello nettie,
Just wanted to send a big hug your way. I wish I could do more for you. I'm so sad that so many of us have to walk this hard road. I will be thinking of you and will include you in my prayers.
Stay strong!

kerry's picture
Posts: 1317
Joined: Jan 2003


You lean on us all you want and need. We'll be here for you. You stay strong and fight this dastardly disease with all your strength. You will be in our prayers.


scouty's picture
Posts: 1976
Joined: Apr 2004

I am so sorry for you and your family but have to recommend something to you. After all, what choice do you have? I hate to be that truthful, but I too face that same dilemna everyday. Unless you have been there, no one understands it like we do. You CAN help yourself today!!!! JUICE, JUICE, JUICE. Slow the ******* cells down. Please let me know if I can be of any assistance to you honey. As I told you before, I owe you.

Also know that you are in my daily thoughts and prayers. I admire you so. Hugs to you and remember internal fortitude is huge and you have that down pat.

Lisa P.

ccartwri's picture
Posts: 82
Joined: Jul 2005

Nettie, I am so sorry for your news but hang in there and find the strength you did not know you had.

lisa---when you say JUICE

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Posts: 1156
Joined: Dec 2003

Nettie, I was so sorry to see the title of your post. You have been so strong and brave in this fight; more prayers are coming your way for continued strength. Judy

Posts: 719
Joined: Feb 2005

Oh Nettie, I am so incredibly sorry for you. Please lean...lean hard. You will find the strength to stand and fight again. Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.
All the best for a quiet and restful day for you.

Posts: 206
Joined: May 2005

Sorry to hear about your ct results. My prayers and thoughts are with you. Stay strong, and put yourself in the hands of the Lord, he will give you strength.
Peace and prayers,

Posts: 319
Joined: Jan 2003

Oh Nettie, Iam sorry about your results. My prayers are with you. Try to stay strong, I know the doctors has to have another plan. This is in God hands.

2bhealed's picture
Posts: 2085
Joined: Dec 2001


honey, let the tears flow. Cry them all out. Scream. Rant. Rave. Howl. Bawl.

Then pick yourself up and move to Plan B....whatever that may be. Of course I like scouty's idea. :-)

Please read this book:

A Cancer Battle Plan by Anne Frahm

It should give you hope....and Lord knows we can never have too much hope!

As a mother--especially of a little one like you have--I grieve with you. It just sucks. But they will give you strength to carry on and fight like the dickens. So will we. You are going through the second worse fearful happening that a mother can have -- the first thing being something awful happening to our babies.

You are in my daily prayers. If there is anything I can to help do not hesitate to email me.

peace, emily who is a mother first and cancer survivor second

BusterBrown's picture
Posts: 221
Joined: Mar 2005

Tomorrow is another day so hang in there. You are a pillar, you are an inspiration, and you are strong...
You are in my thoughts and prayers...

Take Care

Posts: 544
Joined: Jun 2004

Hi Nettie,
I'm so sorry that your ct results were not good. Hang in there and stay strong! This is the place to come whenever you need someone to lean on.
Take care,

Posts: 168
Joined: Feb 2005

Keep fighting for yourself and your family. I hope the doctor's have a new plan on Monday that helps to restore your strength.

Posts: 22
Joined: Jun 2005

Hi Nettie,
We are so sorry it took so long to get back to you, you are in our prayers. Good luck on Monday, our oncologist said that the chemicals are getting so much better to fight this, God bless, Bel and Reini

Posts: 33
Joined: Jun 2005

My heart goes out too you and your family, As hard as it may seem, be positive and fight like crazy!!!! make the most of everyday and know you are loved by many. You are in my thoughts and prayers.FIGHT, FIGHT. FIGHT!!!!!!

Posts: 708
Joined: May 2004

Nettie, Hi.

It has all been said. You never left my thoughts and prayers. You are such a sweet and wonderful person-you feel like an old friend to me. Give yourself some time to adjust to this new situation. Talk to the onc. Stay strong. Enjoy every last moment, smile, and hug.

We are always here for you. Lean in any direction - we got you.

Keep us posted when you have time. jana

Posts: 708
Joined: May 2004

Just came back from yoga, you stayed with me the whole time. One of my instructors told me a yoga master once said, (paraphrased, of course)
"life can be measured in both time or breaths. If you measure with breaths, you can lengthen your life by simply taking longer, more soothing breaths." I try to do this every moment I think of it.


2bhealed's picture
Posts: 2085
Joined: Dec 2001

hey that's cool. I like it. Gotta live it.

peace, emily who likes her prana too--life force

taunya's picture
Posts: 392
Joined: Jul 2002

I am so sorry to hear your news. I am praying for you. Hang in there and try everything. Maybe Lisa and Emily have something up their sleeves. It can't hurt eh? Love and hugs to you sweetheart.

ramona41's picture
Posts: 72
Joined: Jul 2004

gets my air pump and pumps up my shoulders..lean all ya want..thats what we are here for.. dont lose hope.. so many wonderful things these docs can do these days.. keeping ya in my thoughts .. stay strong..ramona

Posts: 1961
Joined: Aug 2003

I am so sorry to hear this news. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I know what you mean about the kiddies -- that is always my greatest concern/fear. But children are amazingly resiliant. Thinking of you.

Moesimo's picture
Posts: 1080
Joined: Aug 2003

I am soooooo sorry to hear your news. i hope they can come up with a plan for treatment for you. You will be in my prayers.


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