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Joined: Apr 2003

Hi, everyone. I'm sorry I went AWOL for a few weeks. You would not believe how busy I have been. Between work, travel and getting my move back to DC set up, I hav not had too much time for anything else.

I am glad to be back among my dear friends!


- SpongeBob

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Joined: Feb 2004

Hey, welcome back buddy!!!!!!!And looky here.I get to be FIRST on a reply post for a change!!!I for one was never worried about yah mate. In my mind I could see you cruisin' the wonderfull coastal regions of your fine country. I fell a little sorry to say I was not with you while you checked out all the interesting sights. You know, lovely ladies on the beaches in mini skirts, bikini's , g-string clad and all..well, maybe not all? No doubt you chartered a hire boat to partake in a little marlin fishing, with all tha mod cons. laid on. I have also wondered at the joy and excitement you must have felt on your recent possible admittance to the colon club calendar. No need to tell us how many days you spent being submitted to make up sessions, massage and manicure sessions and all the trimmings that go with stardom. How long did it take to do the shoot?..I hope you remembered to pack clean speedo's? Jen was, however, dissapointed that no photographic evidence has been forthcoming...we didn't even get a postcard. Now that you have returned I am sure that all n sundry here are eager to hear of your extraterrestrial endeavours. Of course we all know you will swear that you "were" in fact working at the time of your absence. It's ok Bob...fess up..we understand!!!...lol!
luv n huggs from Jen

..........Ross is fuming that the Hawaii invite didn't eventuate!

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Joined: Mar 2003

I didn't even notice you were gone! ;-)


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Posts: 1362
Joined: Dec 2003

Now that you and square pants are residing at the seat of government, you can really be effective!

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Posts: 381
Joined: Feb 2004

Welcome back!!! I must not be toooo sick. Looking forward to pictures too. LOL
Love, Judy(grandma047)

Posts: 319
Joined: Jan 2003

Welcome back, we missed you. Livin

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Posts: 132
Joined: Aug 2004

Woohoooooo!! Get the burgers, and the dogs, fire up the bbq and crack open a beer. It's nice to have you back. We missed you!


Posts: 1961
Joined: Aug 2003

Yea. Welcome back.

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Joined: Nov 2003

I Agree... WELCOME Back. This place just isn't the same without you here. We all smile when we see your name on a post.
pj :)

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Joined: Mar 2004

YAAAY!!! Missed you.

Posts: 259
Joined: Nov 2004

Welcome back! This party just isn't the same without you.

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Joined: Apr 2004

Okay, all nice tidbits put aside. Where the hell have you been darling????? Is Patrick okay?

Hugs honey and welcome home!!!!

We love you!!!!

Lisa P.

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Joined: Dec 2001

dude! Where's the beef???

peace, emily who still sees nothing wrong with the whole SpongeBob & Patrick thing....Bert & Ernie.....Bob & Larry.....Dean & Jerry.....

spongebob's picture
Posts: 2599
Joined: Apr 2003

Don't forget about Ben and Jerry!

Thanks, everyone! I really appreciate your notes!

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Joined: Dec 2003

Hi SB,
Not much ocean in DC; patrolling the Potomac? hobnobbing with the heads of state? crashing on the couch at the White House? Can't wait to hear the stories from our nation's capital; it won't be the same now that you are there! Glad you're posting again. Judy

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