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stage 3b lung cancer

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Has anyone out there ever heard that carrot juice will cure lung cancer? I have read that it will and would like some feedback please, Thanks, Howard.

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hi howard

i posted a reply in your other post. here is a copy of that post.
i think i know a little about the carrot juice. my dad had lung cancer and i looked up so many different alternative cures for him. carrot juice is suppose to be very good for people with lung cancer but only and i stress only if they dont smoke. smoking and carrot juice can make cancer worse. beetroot juice is very good otherwise. if you do a search on google for carrot juice and cancer or beetroot juice and cancer you will see.


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Hi Tabatha, I was wondering about mixing the carrot juice and the beetroot but I don`t know what ratio or if you can even mix the two can you help? I have been drinking about 10 to 12 oz. carrot juice a day. Thanks a lot, Howard.

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