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Vacation Plans

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Hi all,
Hubby and I are planning to leave on Sunday for our overdue celebration vacation...without kids! I am now nearly 7 months post-chemo, and 15 months post surgery (but who's counting!). Unlike most sane people, we are heading from snowy, cold New England, to snowier, colder Canada...cross country skiing in the Laurentians. I feel nearly back to myself now (don't know who I was for all these past months) and it'll feel great to just ski and eat and...
I'll be out of touch for the next 10 days or so; I keep all of you in my thoughts.
Stay strong. Regards, Judy

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Enjoy your well deserved vacation. Enjoy, celebrate life and be safe. I'll look forward to talking to you when you return!



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Lisa Rose
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Hi Judy,

In in Eastern Canada today it is absolutely gorgeous ! ! ! It's a sunny & clilly day, with more snow in the forecast the next few days...

Andy ( my husband ) and I were out snowmobiling the last 2 days we rode 250 miles or 400 km . The trails were truly breath taking.

As I always say...

" Beauty Is In The Eyes Of The BeHolder ". Have a wonderful time skiing in the Laurentians.


PS, Were leaving this Thursday for a week of family fun, in the sunny Cayo Coco, Cuba...

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Hi Judy,

Enjoy your well earned vacation. I am a couple of months ahead of your as far as post-chemo and post surgery.... but who is counting! I, too, have all of my energy back and feel like my old self. I still claim "chemo brain" and probably always will. Enjoy your time with your hubby.


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Hi Judy, Well enjoy your vacation. You deserve it. I will miss you while you're away. Have always felt a strong bond with you, You know, the other Judy thing. I am so happy you're feeling back to normal. Hope I will feel that way again some day. Again, have a nice trip and we expect pictures,pictures and more pictures. Love ya
Love and prayers, the other Judy

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Hi, Have a great vacation. I can't beleive that you are going somewhere colder than MA. I will be leaving on Sunday for warmer weather going on a cruise of the southern Caribbean.


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Have a wonderful vacation!! i am thrilled that you are feeling so much better. I am wishing you the best vacation ever!

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