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Intermittent hormone therapy

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I was diagnosed with PC in Mar 04 with PSA of over 31 and Gleason of 9. Prostate was not removed due to evidence of spread to lympth nodes. I was started on Eligard (Leuprolide)inplants every four months. Four months after first inplant, PSA dropped to 0.4 and four months later, down to 0.2. I have the usual side effects, hot flashes, fatigue, etc, but nothing really serious. When I had my third inplant, I mentioned intermitent therapy to my urulogist who didn't seem anxious to discuss it. He wants to continue with the Eligard for the time being. I know that eventually I will become resistent. From my research, intermittent therapy seems to be a viable treatment option where treatments are suspended when PSA drops and resumed when it rises. Has anyone had any experiences with intermittent hormone therapy? If so, I would appreciate your comments. Thanks.

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If you go here: http://www.cancer.org/docroot/CRI/content/CRI_2_4_4X_Androgen_Suppression_Hormone_Therapy_36.asp?sitearea= (higlight the URL portion,clik "copy",then "paste" it into your "address bar".)there's a lot of info regarding intermittent therapy. Although the word is still out, the consensus is that it's about the same results as steady treatment but is beneficial in terms of relieving the side effects.
Good luck, Benji

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