Intermittent hormone therapy

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I was diagnosed with PC in Mar 04 with PSA of over 31 and Gleason of 9. Prostate was not removed due to evidence of spread to lympth nodes. I was started on Eligard (Leuprolide)inplants every four months. Four months after first inplant, PSA dropped to 0.4 and four months later, down to 0.2. I have the usual side effects, hot flashes, fatigue, etc, but nothing really serious. When I had my third inplant, I mentioned intermitent therapy to my urulogist who didn't seem anxious to discuss it. He wants to continue with the Eligard for the time being. I know that eventually I will become resistent. From my research, intermittent therapy seems to be a viable treatment option where treatments are suspended when PSA drops and resumed when it rises. Has anyone had any experiences with intermittent hormone therapy? If so, I would appreciate your comments. Thanks.