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Out for the Count!

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Just back in the saddle after a 2 day fight with the intestinal virus...that ran rampant through the kids school and hit me hard over the weekend! Our cancer scars make these things even harder to deal with! Spent the whole night being reminded of our old treatment regimens, and it gave me renewed respect for all of you in treatment right now. Life can be so much harder to enjoy when you don't feel right, when things don't smell right or taste right. I did resort to one coping device, I did a crossword puzzle as soon as I could sit up...it helped, just like it used to. So many people here, so many hard times. Keep up the fight survivors! Our battle alone is victory! And Kanga....every time I got good news on my follow-ups I usually started some stupid argument at home or spiraled off on some tantrum for awhile. Just part of this tricky and unpredictable landscape! It will get better.

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Hi Runner,

Glad your feeling better. I read tons of books during my treatment, but I don't seem to make the time to read anymore. I'm not complaining, but there is nothing like reading a good book from cover to cover in a day.

Best wishes in court!


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Hi RunnerZ,

Glad to hear that you're feeling better. I was wondering if you could offer me some advice. How did you get back into shape after treatment? I used to be very fit (competitive swimmer, soccer player, cross-country runner, ect). I have spent two years in treatment, however, and it has taken its toll. My muscles have seriously atrophied. I'm much tinier than I used to be - no muscle. The thoracotomies have also taken some of my breath away. The chemo leaves me chronically anemic, although I am used to the low hemoglobin and I take Eprex to keep my RBC up. I would really like to stick to a training schedule but I'm sort of nervous. I have been going swimming 2 km a day 4 times a week but I'm wondering if this is too much. While I do want to get in shape, I don't want to compromise my immune system as I will be facing more chemo for an undefined period of time. I'm also wondering how I will be able to work out when I restart my biweekly FOLFIRI, IROX, FOLFOX, FOLFOXIRI or whatever regime they stick me on. I'm really committed and motivated to do this but also know that I will do more harm than good if I'm not careful.

Any advice?

Thank you!


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Runner..you could not be more correct. That poison they gave us certainly does seem to have some pretty long lasting effects. I can only guess how much of an impact it made on you trying tpo fight a virus.
Andrea.....listen to your body sweetie...no sense overdoing things and winding up lowering its natural defenses. You be real carefull!!! I constantly had Jen tyring to tell me to take it easy...I took no notice. I wanted to get back to normal. albeit too quickly....and I suffered for it. Take it slowly Andrea. Geez, swimming the distance you do has gotta be sufficient! Too much tho may well be detrimental.
You are an absolute wonder woman Andrea...I admire you!!
luv n huggs, kanga n Jen

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