Young women who have gone through chemo

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A personal question for you - how long did it take for your menstural cycles to return to normal - or did they?

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  • KathySue1955
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    Can't answer your question, but if you don't get any replies, try the Leukemia & Lymphoma website ( It has a very active discussion board with lots of women who have had Hodgkin's.

  • Heatherjb
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    Mine returned in about 3 months. It still hasn't been regular, but the doctor says that it because my thyroid has been way off (from raditation). Once the thyroid gets to normal levels, it should regulate.
    Just as a note: I was 29 when I went through chemo.
  • pickles123
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    about three months. I am 23
  • kiren
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    I was 25 when I had chemo. At that time my menstruation was regular. After 6 years now for some reason its been a year and I am having irregularity. I am seeing my gyne who did all the tests, I am taking pills but nothing is helping and I am getting tired of it. I was thinking maybe it is because of chemo but an affect after this long time period? I am still searching for an answer.
  • Aggie03
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    I am 23 (22 when I started chemo) and had somewhat normal periods all through chemo. At the end they started getting shorter and then slowly ended all together. I have been done with chemo for 3 months now and still nothing. My oncologist said it could take up to a year for them to return so he is not worried about it yet. I of corse am worried seeing that I am only 23, married and want kids.

    On a side note...I am on the boards alot and there are several ladies on there with similar situations.