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My husband was diagnosed in May, 04 with stage 4 rectal cancer. He has had 6 weeks of chemo and radiation so far nad it shrunk the rectal tumor to near invisable but some of the nodules in his lungs have gotten bigger. So now he is going back on a different chemo regime with the hope that it will shrink his lung nodules nad make surgery on the original site possible. Are there any stage 4 survivors out there? I'm terrified and could use all the advise I can get. Thank you.

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Hi Biancia. Sorry about your husbands diagnosis. Really stinks doesn't it! I am a stage 3 rectal cancer patient. I'm just starting my post-op chemo. I'm new to this myself, so not too much information to pass along.

Stay strong. Ask lots of questions, when you are ready. Post here often. Many very wise, smart and funny people here going thru the same ordeal.

What type of chemo is your husband taking?

You and your husband are in my thoughts and prayers.

Don't forget to laugh. You may not feel like it , but youwill always feel better afterwards. Laugh a lot. And laugh hard. Till it hurts. It is truely the best medicine!


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Hi Bianca,

I was diagnosed Stage 4 colon cancer in February of this year. I had mets to the liver. I have had 16 treatments of chemo and now I am officially in remission as of two weeks ago. I don't know when I will be officially called a survivor, but certainly look forward to that day. I have heard from other stage 4 lung survivors on this site, hopefully they will reply. Never give up hope and keep positive. Mike

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Hi Biancia
Sorry to hear about your husband's diagnose. I know how you feel, because I was terrified when my husband was diagnose with stage 4 in oct 2003 with mets to the liver. I did not know much about colon cancer and I was in shock because my husband has always been such a healthy person.
He had the tumor removed in 10/03 and two lesions removed from his liver this year 6/04. He had 9 treatments of chemo before his liver surgery. He is now getting post-op treatment to kill any micro cancer cells that may have been disturbed during his liver surgery. The doctors do use the word cure.
I have found that finding this site has help me deal with my fears. There are many stage 4 survivors on this site.
My advise to you is first to be comfortable with your doctor. If you are not comfortable get a second opinion.
Ask lots of questions, and stay positive.
Today people are living with cancer. New drugs come out everyday, and I pray for everyone that there will be a cure soon.

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Hi Biancia,

I am a stage 4 survivor. Mine spread to my liver. That was one month shy of 3 yrs ago. Today, I am all clear. The original diagnosis can make you feel helpless, but put those feelings aside, and take charge of the battle. What chemo regime has he been on? I had 5 FU, leuvorican, and camptosar. Take each day as it comes, and some will be better than others. Altering diet can also make a difference. E-mail 2bhealed (Emily) through this site, and she can guide you regarding diet suggestions. She is amazing.

All my best,


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Hi Biancia,

Sorry to hear the news, I know how you feel. My dad was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer with mets to the lungs. He has just started his 2nd cycle of 5FU/oxaliplatin and Avastin. He so far is coping well although we are not sure yet how the chemo is working. I am hoping that i can say one day that my dad is a survivor but at the moment i understand the feeling of terror, because i can feel it too. There are so many people here that can be your positives and that are survivors, as they are my hope and help me get through the bad days.

Stay positive because i reckon thats the best medicine :) Prayers to you and hubby.


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