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frequent bm's

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My husband had chemo/radiation/surgery in 11/01
to remove most of his rectum. He still has 35 - 60 bowel movements per week which is both painful and quite inconvenient. Anyone heard of a solution? We are thinking about seeing a hypnotist and a nutritionist. Thanks!

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I take lomotil daily and tincture of opium as needed. They both definitely help. Diet doesn't seem to make a difference. I had all of my rectal tissue removed.

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Hi Ann, I have heard of people taking relatively large doses of Immodium (or similar). But I guess this would need to be checked out with his doctor first - some doctors seem not to favour this, and I guess it might be contraindicated for some people....
Good luck.

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hi there,
my mom uses penatan cream for her sore bum. you'll find in the the baby area near the diapers. its use normally for bum rashes.

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