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premature ovarian failure

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Hi everyone. I was 2 1/2 years in remission when I discovered that I had premature ovarian failure. My doctors always told me that there was a chance of me getting pregnant after cancer and now it is gone. Just wondering if there is anyone else with a simular experience. Amber

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amber21-30yrs.ago I had cobalt radiation to pelvis resulting in instant menopause (almost like instant karma. never had children of course. more?? just let me know lizO

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hi amber. during chemo i became post-menopausal but with time it reversed itself. took about 1 yr after finishing treatments. my docs say i should be able to have kids. i have met others who have conceived despite premature ovarian failure. best of luck to you. charlene

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Im 11 years cancer free 29yrs old 2 kids after ovarian cancer but now my oncologist believes Im having premature ovarian failure.Im still uneasy with having a hysterectomy.

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