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Radiation damage help

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My son was 7 when he was diagnosed with rhabdmysarcoma. He has chemo, radiation and partial resecetion. For the past couple of years he has had many problems with pain.

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Hi Kenny's Mom.

There are now growing resources for long term survivors of childhood/adolescent cancers. Including people who are working with survivors who have chronic pain. One of these is Lonnie Selzter at UCLA. There are also some resources for you viat www.acor.org You will find several discussion lists for survivors. One is for the parents and caregivers of childhood/adolescent cancer survivors, PED-ONC SURVIVORS and the other is called LT-SURVIVORS for long term survivors themselves, although we also have parents and other caregivers.
Hope this helps,
Linda Zame

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Dear kenny's mom,
Hi, my name is Zoey. I am really sory to hear about your son. I absolutely understand and at the same time feel the effect of treatment that Kenny has to bear with. My friend,Dorothy gave me some advice which I feel are pretty useful for cancer sufferers, hope it will be able to help Kenny as well. My friend recommend Yoga to me and I have started it for few weeks.According to her, Yoga is very effective as a complementary treatment to lessen the pain of cancer. Besides, she also found some useful imformation about alternative cancer treatment, which is proven by clinical trial and so cheap and simple to use. What attracts me the most is that the author guarantee a 90% cancer CURE Rate! If you are interested, you may read further about the treatment at: http://hop.clickbank.net/?synapse/orgasms .

I wish Kenny all the best and really hope that he will be well very soon. God Bless...

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zoey...I'm interested in information on alternative therapies, but the link you posted was bad. Do you have any other information you can post?

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