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Update on my SUPER Hubby!!

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Hello Everyone!!! I just wanted to update you on my husband Bob. He is holding his own. He is still doing chemo since it is finally working. He is back to working a 40 hr week. I don't know how he does it but he is such a fighter!!! We had a surprise Birthday Party for him on Sat. We danced and laughed and smiled all night. He had such a GREAT time. He gave the big guy a toast thanking him for getting him this far. He turned 59 and holding as he saids. He even gave himself a present 2 new tatoos. I want to thank everyone for all the advise and info I have read it has help us alot!!! Bob wanted me to tell you guys that he doesn't do computers but he likes to dictate. He said, " I am doing fine and am going to make it!!!!!" He is going to have his next chemo treatments starting on Wed. for 3 days. He is my hero!!!! Thank You everyone!!! Sue and Bob

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That is great news Sue, you can hear your respect and love in your message. He is very fortunate to have you there. Now, I really have to ask you something. Will you tell us about the 2 tatoos??????? Try to keep it rated G.....

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Congrats to you both, and Happy Birthday to Bob....and many more! It's so nice to be able to put everything else aside and party!! Enjoy each other, Judy

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Happy 59 th Bob---hell--now I have to put on 10 years to match yah!!!
Hey Sue--great to hear the news and am sure you are "tending to his every need!"
I don't know how I could have coped without my Jen--yu carers are truly amazing puttin up with us "semi's"
Our luv and best wishes-kanga n Jen

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Happy Birthday, Bob! Hang in there. Sue, you are a real gem!


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