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I just had another colonoscopy yesterday. They only found 2 polyps which were removed and sent to path. Just wanted to let everyone know that you can beat the odds. When I had my first colonoscopy they found a mass along with hundreds of polyps. Second colonoscopy the mass was found to be gone and 9 polyps were removed none of which were cancerous. Now with this last one only 2 polyps were found. I know this does not mean my battle is over by any means but I have to be excited about this as when I saw my first oncologist they had only given me 6-18 months, that was in August of 2002. Hope eveyone else is doing well.


  • Way to go!!!! I love good news...we all do. Keep up the good work.

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    Great news, jenn!!

    Keep nipping them ol' polyps in th' bud!!
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    Cool Beans, Jenn; send in your pac-man energy and get those last two buggers! Bud
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    That is so wonderful and very encouraging for the rest of us too. Keep it up!!!!!!
    Love and prayers, Judy H(grandma)
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    JENN! Aren't you the star pupil today! AWESOME result, and thanks for sharing. And tell your first oncologist to maybe consider another form of employment! (Hopefully not choosing lottery numbers!)

    Have a great week!

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    Awsome Jenn
    I agree with Stacey tell your old onc to get another job. lol Keep up the good work and keep us informed.