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38 woman kidney cancer

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i had a tumor removed almost a year ago and i have a growth on my adrenial gland. Anyone have an oppinion ?

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I had two tumors in October. I had my left kidney removed and my adrenal gland also.


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just pray it's not cancer and just a growth.

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I had my right kidney removed four years ago with RCC, a new tumor spotted on the right adrenal gland spotten by MRI 3/31. I am having it surgically removed on 6/16. Took me this long to find someone willing to operate and not just write me off! Thank God for the MD Anderson Cancer Treatment Center!

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Dee: I had a radical nephrectomy and adrenal gland removal on 12/16/04. I have been trying to get to MD Anderson for follow-up treatment. Was it difficult to get in there. I am in Louisiana and my town is small and has one protocol: radiation.

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