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Stage IV Treatment

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I am new to the cancer survivors network. My wife was diagnosed last month with stage 4-colon cancer that has spread to her liver. She went for her first chemotherapy. She received aloxi for anti nausea and decadron, which is a steroid. Then oxalitlatan and laucovoran. And, I believe she got a 5fu injection. Then, she is hooked up to a pump, which they call Full Fox (6). I believe she also received a procrit injection for anemia.

Anyone who would be willing to e-mail support with us as well as anyone who would respond to this posting would be greatly appreciated.

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Hello and welcome! I know all of this seems really awful, but you will be surprised how quickly she rebounds after the chemo is overwith. The nurses will play around w/ the correct combo of anti-nausea meds and the amount of decadron until she has a relatively comfortable experience. How long is she supposed to remain on the chemo? Were the mets to the liver inoperable? Please give more details......
Hang in there! -Susan

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Hi beaud!

Sorry to "meet" under such circumstances, but you've certainly come to the right place! Tell your wife to keep up her excellent attitude and she'll be just fine. I, too, was stage 4, and today, all clear. Lost 40% of my liver in the battle, but no biggie. I was fortunate to not have any chemo side effects, not sure why, but hopefully hers won't be too severe, if at all. Drink plenty of water prior and after chemo...it will help big time!

Please take care of yourself, too! Keep us posted on her PROGRESS!!!!!!!!


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Hi Beau,
Stacy is certainly in the know when it comes to stage 4 cancer...Has your wife had surgery? I was sooooo scared of the chemo, but taking it one day/one week at a time makes it seem managable. I have my little supply of side effects medicine, but except for immodium and chap stick (for my lips and nose!), the side effects have been few.
Fatigue seems to be increasing as time goes on...and procrit helped when my hematocrit dropped. I'm nearly half way through my 24 treatments of 5FU and leuco for stage 3. Drinking plenty of water, or weak tea or diluted ginger ale works for me. I always feel chilled after chemo, so warm liquids feel good. Your wife is lucky to have your support; maybe she will feel up to posting here, too. If you want more specific info about her drugs, the ACS home page has a spot for looking up drug info. There is so much info out there, but I have found the folks here to be one of my best sources for info and thoughts about questions to raise to my doc. You are both in our thoughts, Judy

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Hi Beau,

Others have already offered great advice.
I have stage 4 disease that resulted in metastasis to my liver and lymph nodes. I have been on oxaliplatin/ Xeloda (an oral drug similar to 5 FU) for 10 mths. My lymph nodes shrunk dramatically and liver nodules were no longer visible after 16 wks. I am also receiving calcium/magnesium infusions before and after my oxaliplatin, because there are preliminary reports from Europe that this might slow the development of neuropathy. I think this has helped me, with less problems than when I was on oxali/5-FU/leucovorin previously.

If your wife has only liver metastasis, are there few enough that there is possibility of surgery or radiofrequency ablation of the nodules if they shrink down some with chemotherapy?

Other than mild loss of sensation in my fingertips and feet, I have tolerated the drug well. We played around with various anti nausea drugs until we found the best one for me.
I have an ostomy so diarrhea doesn't bother me much.

I feel pretty tired for the first 4 days (especially day 3 and 4) post treatment, but have at times worked a full day during this period anyway. My hands and feet get sore on day 5 and 6 post treatment, but dose adjustments to my Xeloda have controlled this.

All and all it has not been bad at all. You did not say how your wife was feeling to start with. I started to feel better as my tumors shrank within 3 wks of starting treatment. I joined the fitness center at the hospital and lift weights, and walk daily.

Best wishes for a great response.


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