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Liver Resection--now what?

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My husband had a colectomy 13 mo. ago w/no chemo afterward. 3 weeks ago he was diagnosed with a mass on his liver. PET Scan showed stage I w/no distant mets. 40% of the liver was resected two days ago. Now What? I think he should have chemo or something this time. What type of chemo? I have read other posts where it usually goes to the lung or back to the liver. Any cases of not returning at all? What do you think

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Hi, blessedhf -

You and your poor hubby have been through it, haven't you? Sounds like you're hanging tough, though. There are several good stories of liver mets survival here - Stacy will sound off soon and give you some good perspective.
Hang tough - you guys are doing great!

- SpongeBob

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Wow...I must be pretty predictable, as SpongeBob knows that I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut...

Anyway...I was stage 4. My liver was also victim of the disease, and I too lost 40% (now I wonder if all docs use the same percentage, or if that is a real coincidence?). After the surgery, I went through chemo as a means of "cleaning up" any microscopic little nippers that may still be around. I also had the chemo and radiation prior to my surgery as well, in an effort to shrink the original tumor. That all happened over 2 years ago, and today I am fine. My clean up chemo was camposar and 5fu. And I am proud to say I had no side effects and was very blessed.

Please let me know if I can help in any way...

Best Wishes,


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