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Alternative and Complementary Therapies for Stage IV Breast Cancer

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Hi! This is my first time online. I was dx w/infiltrating poorly differentiated ductal carcinoma-left breast. Underwent mastectomy lft breast Feb 2000. March 2002 recurrent ca w/met to rt lung. Nov 2002 met to liver. Have spent 12 months of chemo...currently on last option of navalbine and taxotere. Some slight decrease in lung tumor and liver tumor in Jan CT. Have been hospilized twice since March this year due to no white blood cells or infection. Treated for pnuemonia last week until a repeat scan is taken to clarify haze in rt lung. Doctor recommends stop chemo to give body rest and quality of life. Next treatments would have to be experimental. Will see oncologist in a week to further discuss. Scared and wanting to know if anyone out there has sought alternative therapies after chemo treatments have run out. I have begun researching local avenues for doctors who will provide such therapies. I live in San Antonio, Texas and if anyone has any information that can help me out, I would be very appreciative. There is so much info out there! I am currently reading "Healing Outside the MArgins" by Carole O'Toole. Has anyone heard of this book and read it and felt it was helpful? Is anyone in the same "boat"? Appreciate your responses.

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Be very careful to explore alternative and complementary therapies through reputable established cancer care centers to avoid harm to yourself. There have been two documentaries about women with metastatic breast cancer on Cablevision's The Health Channel. There is always, always something new coming within the field of cancer treatment. You might want to obtain an evaluation and recommendation from a university-affiliated hospital because they are aware of who is working on what within the network of cancer researchers. Hope this helps. Love, Denise

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Agree with Denise - be careful of alternative treatments which are often useless money-making schemes.

Have a look here

Take this with you when you talk to your oncologist and if you are not going now to a comprehensive cancer center affiliated with the National Institute of Health, you should see where the closest one is to you.

I know you must be exhausted from all the chemo and worried too.

Sending some conforting hugs and good wishes,

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Hi Coie and welcome to the site. I think you'll be very glad you found it. Everyone here is so supportive and full of love and positive attitudes, cause 'we are survivors'!
I was diagnosed June of 2000 and had bone mets August of 2001 and November of 2001. Hang in there girl, life does go on, by the grace of God! Have you looked at CURE Magazine this month? There are some very promising drugs coming 'down the pipeline'! You can check it out online at www.curetoday.com
Of particular interest is the article 'Living Well with Advanced Breast Cancer'.
Email me anytime, just click the envelope below the message box.
God bless. (((HUGS))) hummingbyrd

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Hi there Coie. I don't have any info for you but I also live in San Antonio. I don't know who or what your support system consists of, but if you are in need of an understanding sister, please get in touch with me. My email is jamjar62@swbell.net. If nothing else, maybe we can meet for lunch and vent. Hang in there girlfriend. By the way, my onc is Steven Kalter at CRTC. Karen

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