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Will people think I'm a hypochondriac?

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Hi, I finished my treatment almost two months ago and I am able to do more now but I still get so tired I get sick at times and I have a lot of headaches. I'm scheduled to return to work in two weeks-I'm afraid if I say anything people will think I'm "milking" it and avoiding work. Does anyone else feel this way?

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Hi - I just finished treatment three weeks ago, fortunately my energy level was ok to continue working during treatment (not exactly full time) but I still take a nap in the recliner chair they put in my office every afternoon. I feel like I might be viewed as milking it but I am so tired at 2:00 I just don't care. I hope your boss and co-workers are supportive. My boss' wife had ovarian cancer 11 years ago (stage 3) so I am fortunate that he has experienced this before. Good luck to you. Maybe you can distribute info from this site to co-workers. Also I have been doing a small amount of QuiGong (chinese breathing exercises) and it really helps with the fatigue and the headaches.

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I don't work outside the home (just homeschool my teenager), but after radiation last year, I never was able to get my energy level back. Turns out I had additional tumors growing in my abdoman. I know my husband believed I was being lazy, but after I was diagnosed a second time, he apologized. I'm undergoing chemo right now (just finished my first week of six courses of treatment) and I have no intention of pushing my recovery until we verify that I'm not growing any more tunors.

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