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Would Gatorade help, upset stomach due to medications? please reply back. ty. eamh

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hi there, i though i posted the first message,but i didnt see it on the board, so here i go again.i dont have an answer, but hang on , because on this network you can learn alot from friends who really care. i just wanted to say hello. love waterbaby

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I tried gatorade but I found that it was something new that helped with each treatment. Seltzer water and regular water seemed to be the best answer. I'm still receiving treatment and I only drink regular water for the first three days. Try anything!!! Are you taking Anzemet or Zofran?

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thank you for your replies.... i take birth control for hormon replacement.

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Gatorade will help, BUT! the best thing is water. I had everything that irritated my stomach. I would not sleep three days in a row because of the irritation be i found, actually my mother did, that if you drink about 24 cups a water it helps. at first you don't see much of a change but then once youdo it helps fast. im sure your thinking what 24 cups i cant do that. but i am not asking yout o taste the water because through experience i know it taste bad. but dont taste it just glup it up. this will cause you to pee a lot but you will be flushing all the medication out. let me know if it works. try it though please!

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