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dental problems after treatment

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Hi Everyone. I'm hoping there is someone who can give me some advice or info on any resources for help with the teeth problems occuring after treatment. I'm four years out of treatment & my teeth are a disaster. they started slowly falling apart, and now I'm dealing with many broken teeth,three abcessed teeth and a whole lot of pain. my onc. says this is definately a result of chemo. I know at this point I need them all extracted and need to get dentures. needless to say, health ins.is of no help and I have limited income and no dental cov. Any sugestions on where to look for help with this? I'm to the point that because of my looks I don't smile anymore, and most of the time avoid any social situations at all. 2 of my front teeth have fallen apart, which I have temporarily fixed by molding teeth out of epoxy and gluing in with crazy glue. (both poisons that probobly shouldn't be in my mouth) Any suggestions on where to turn for some financial aid, or even how to find a dentist with enough compassion to work with my limited funds would be greatly appreciated. thanks for listening.

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Hi cathie
I don't know if you have called your local Ammerican Cancer Society office. Perhaps they have a dentist in your area that will do volunteer work. Another thought is the State agency in your state that handles welfare, our state has a program for people who have income, are working but still need help with medical issues. Also there is the local dental association group. Dental problems are not good for your health. Maybe your oncologist can refer you to a group. Bless you!

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Hi Cathie,
So sorry to hear about your problem. I suggest contacting the medical and dental schools in your area. Many of them welcome patients of limited resources because the patients offer the students someone to work on. I know that sounds frightening about having a student working on your teeth, but all are under the supervision of a doctor and only provide work that the university permits upon passing examinations. I hope this helps. God bless.

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my teeth are the same way. they turn to powder it seems. i have lost all my uppers and quite a few of my lowers. as me i don't go around smiling anymore as well. and yes colleges that have a dental schooling do do work on teeth for a very resonable rate. john

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