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Adult Survivors of Childhood Cancers wanted

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I am a student at North Dakota State University and I am taking class called Social Research methods. As part of this class we have to do a research paper. I have decided to do a case study on how surviving cancer changes a person's social role. I am looking to doing a case study on this. If you are interested in participating please e-mail me at thescully@hotmail.com. I am also a cancer surivor myself of a childhood Wilm's tumor. Your participation would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you!!


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Please do the right thing as a survivor you know right and wrong, so you know what wrong with the system. So change the the system. Gave the right back to the survivor not the doctor and the book writer. Right to know why at test, why at study, what it mean. Don't be a 411 specialist. Stop make us pay for follow up study and test and bullshit with no answer. I'm a survivor who don't not put with crap.

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I hope you don't mind me emailing you. I say your statement on the website I just visited.

My wife is 44 and she has had 7 spinal operations because of a tumor at the base of her brain stem. She's had it since she was 8. 3 years ago, she became quadripeligic. We found a food suppliment that we discovered is a major biochemical breakthrough. It's actually in the PDR, and also in chapter 56 of the 1996 edition of Harper's Biochemistry textbook. Numerous, even thousands of journals have been written about it.

Anyway, to make a long story short, she now walks. Her last MRI showed that the tumor has calcified. Needless to say, we are very excited about it.

We have discovered that many people are recovering from all types of auto-immune problems. Even MS, asthma, arthitis, lupis, and the list goes on & on.

If you're interested, I'd like to talk to you about it. You can call me at (262) 745-2337.

God bless,

Glenn Lewis

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Hi, I had ALL when i\

Hi, my name is Cindy, I had ALL when I was 13 and have been cured for 10 years. I am looking for someone who knows what I went through. Please tell me about your experiences then and now. And also what does your message mean? 411 specialist?

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I studied psych in college, so I think yours is a wonderful research topic. I am also survivor of Wilms Tumor (Stage IV, unilateral, FH) and the proverbial 2nd malignancy: Thyroid cancer. Mmm boy. Would love to help with your work! Email me: lindseyv@cablespeed.com

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Hello my name is Nell& I was diagnosed w Leukemai ALL in October of 1979& was transplanted on April 25,1979I spent about 6 months in the Hutch In Seattle,Was..Now its almost 24 years later i sam STILL WAITING on eye hand coordnation!lol& to whistle wonder what thats like? lolppl that have a life they live it BUT U HAVE NEVER FOUND OUT WHAT LIKFE IS ABOUT UNTIL YOU HANG W A SUCCESSFUL TRANSPLANT PATIENT

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Hello my name is Nell& I was diagnosed w Leukemai (ALL) in October of 1979& was transplanted on April 25,1979I spent about 6 months in the Hutch In Seattle,Was..Now its almost 24 years later & I sam STILL WAITING on eye hand coordnation!lol & to whistle wonder what thats like? lol ppl that have a life they live it BUT U HAVE NEVER FOUND OUT WHAT LIFE IS ABOUT UNTIL YOU HANG OUT WITH A SUCCESSFUL TRANSPLANT RECIEPANT!!WE DO KNOW HOW TO PARTY!!! ~{:0)

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Im a 27 year old Leukimia (ALL) survivor from San Diego, CA. 17 years in remission. I went through 4 years of Chemo and right in the middle of my treatment my Doc had medical burnout and left back to her native country. Lovely huh! Fortunately for me and a few other Childrens Hospital here in SD took over our care and got me to where I am today. Nice and Healthy. Let me know if you would like some input or anything

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I'm a 25 year old survivor of ALL residing in Arizona. I was diagnosed at the age of 3 and a half and have been cured for about 19 years. Your message got my attention, as our stories sound similar (although I'm sure they are quite different as well). Feel free to drop me a line if you are interested at the C.S.N. email site, sorcharose

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My name is John and I am a survivor of acinic cell carcinoma in the parotid gland, a most rare tumor, especially at 13, when it first showed. I was diagnosed in '98 at the age of 15, but didn't know it was malignant until after the biopsy. I'm now one month away from my five year anniversary (which will mark me as cured) and I can say that my view of the world has changed drastically since that day. I would love to participate.

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Hi John,
My name is Amy. I'm a survivor myself. I also had a rare tumor, Medullablastoma, I was 12 when I was diagnosed. The tumor I had was a spidery tumor that wrapped around random nerves and crushed them. From that I'm deaf in my right ear and I have no sensation on the right side of my face from my eye to the edge of my chin. I have been cured since 1989. I'm glad that you only have a month untill you are pronounced cured. When it was my time my doctor said,"DON'T COME BACK NOW, HEAR!" Have a great pronounced and congratulations!!! Sweet4u2

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You give me hope Amy. We just found out yesterday after my son had finished his chemo and radiation regimen, that a tumor had grown back within a months time. If you have any input I would greatly appreciate it. Take Care of yourself.

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I am a medical professional (30 yr old) who's main reason for entering my chosen career was my personal experience with cancer (astrocytoma at age 9)
chris pinkerton PA-C MMS, cpink13@yahoo.com

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Hi, Cpink! This is the first time I am joining any chat on the net. I also survived a astrocytoma at the age of 11. What kind of med professoinal are you. I never talked to anyone else who had one. Mary

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My 14 year old daughter was diagnosed a year ago with cellebellar astrocytoma. I am looking for someone who might have or is going through what she is expereincing. She had 6 weeks of radiation and was tumor free right after. The most recent MRI shows either new tumor growth or radiation effects. Apparently this is well known but somewhat rare. She is tired, weak, and needs to know someone who has gone through this to talk to.

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I am 46 years old and was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma at the age of 15 in 1973. I am a member of a Long-Term Cancer Survivor's Study through the University of Minnesota. I was treated with Chemo and radiation at M.D. Anderson in Houston. Let me know if I can help.


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Sandra, I'm 44 years old and had Ewings Sarcoma when I was 16 yrs old, in 1976. I'm also part of the Long-Term Cancer Survivor's study through the University of Minnesota. I was treated with Chemo and Radiation at Children's Hospital in Los Angeles.

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Reading this article reminds me of an author in a very similar situation. Alesia Shute is a childhood cancer survivor and wrote her story. Check out her website because the two of you might be able to help each other. www.everythingsokaybook.com

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