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joint pain

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Hi all, I was diagnosed w/anal cancer June 2001 and went through surgery/chemo&radiation which finished Dec 2001. For several months the pain in my right hip has been getting worse. After I get going its ok,but I have to stop or try to rest or stand or sit and the pain keeps getting worse. 1st Dr said worse case of tendenitis he's ever seen, second did MRI which was ok. I don't know where to turn now. The pain keeps me from sleeping and living. My husband (a physicist)believes its from the radiation. I appreciate anyone's help asap.

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Hello! I was also diagnosed June 2001. I also experience hip pain, along with wrist pain, knee pain and ankle pain. I can't sleep at night and figit all night in a attempt to find a comfortable position. Have you tried the "cuddle ewe" blanket/mattress? I'm going to check it out. My discomfort is also getting worse. A friend of mine who happens to be a PA says my wrist problem sounds like tendonitus. Don't give up! I'm not going to. I didn't have radiation, but I had chemo - taxol. I'm going to check with yet ANOTHER doctor. You do the same. Hang in there!!


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I was wondering if either of you had any steroid for your chemo treatment? I had Prednisone as one of my chemo drugs and about a year after my treatment finished, I began having knee pain. My doc knew right away that it was probably avascular necrosis- a rare side effect of steroids. It usually starts in the hip, but in my case it didn't. If you did take any steroid, this could be your problem...let me know how you are doing...good luck to you!

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Hi Arlene, I had the same problem, went through all kinds of test and finally a MRI showed all the arteries in my abominal area were blocked from the radiation I ended up going into surgery the next day and was on the operating table 8 hours came out with a staff infection (which is a whole new other story that left me in a wheelchair) but I can't tell you how many doctors I went to and said there was nothing wrong. SO be persistant, it was a neoroligist (SP) that sent me to a vascular doctor which found the problem but I was the same way I could walk very little and had to stop and rest, when I went shopping I had to use a cart to hang on and still rest inbetween because of the pain in my hip.

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