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Support for Caregivers

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My mom was diagnosed with colon cancer which has spread to her liver on February 1. She stayed with us until Father's Day so I could care for her while I was pregnant (baby girl born May 2) and caring for my 2 year old son! Talk about stress! I'm glad to say that she is doing ok on chemo and can take care of herself now and has moved back home. It's still stressful though. I'd be glad to talk!

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I am takeing care of my father-in law , who has been diagnosed with spinal cancer 6 weeks ago. My mother-in law is an invilid,I also have 5 boys of my own and a full time job. I don't have any help with this. My husband is working 12 to 15 hours a day. I don't think I can keep going. Its too much.I don't know where to turn. The agencies aren't helping at all.

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