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Weight gain and inablity to lose the weight I've gained

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I finished my chemo (CHOP) at the end of Jan. 2002 and my radiation at the end of March 2002 for Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma in my chest. I was given a large amount of seriods (Predisone) with my treatment. I have gained 30 pounds. I was already 20 pounds over weight. So, I am carrying around a lot of extra weight. No matte what I do I can't get rid of it. While I was undergoing treatment I sat around for over six months. I was just so tired. I started back to work and I thought some of it would drop off but it hasn't. I still just crave carbs and sweets.

I know this should be the least of my concerns. BUT being over weight can cause other problems. I try to exercise but I am so tired after working all day and doing the mom thing. Is anyone else going through this?


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Hi,congrats on finishing your treatments! i have been out of treatments for ten years. I had very high dose prednisone. I gained some weight too. But never really related it to anything until now. I am about 50 pounds overweight now and like you say "crave" the carbos and the sweets. I love to eat..I also fatigue very easy. i'm gonna look into it further with my Doc on my next check up. I get them once a year..

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I gained weight toO! It has made me have another thing to be discouraged about! I had to go out and buy new clothes, it just depresses me, but I can't exercise because I had a leg surgery so I also sit around a lot and rest. It's crazy!

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ck with your doctor about thyroid test, just found out after a long time of fatigue and gaining weight my thyroid isn't working

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You have to move. I too was high doses of Pred. gained 25lbs and craved all those goodies. Hate the gym, and any other type of organized exercise.
I got a dog and I walk every day. That's all I do is walk. Not far, but at least an hour a day. It's great for bothof us. Yard season is coming, you would be surprised how much yard work works your body. Better than any gym and it's free! Work through your fatique, set smaller goals for yourself. Take it day by day its a lot easier to deal with it in 5lb increments instead of the whole 50lbs. Stay strong, you did to get through CANCER! A little weight to work off is piece of cake (OOPS!):)

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