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21 year old with cml

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hi i have been told i have cml, i been on a treatment called interfieron, and am scheduled for transplant the end of this month. i have so many questions and would like to talked with someone who has been through it. my brother is my doner.....

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I am a 36 year old male with CML. I just went through my bone marrow transplant on April 12 and I am now recovering at home. My brother was my donor. I was on Gleevec not interfieron I was/am being treated at Dana Farber in Boston, MA. I would be happy to discuss anything with you or your family.

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Hi, my son, age 21 was recently told he
has aml. He is now, after chemo treatment,
in remission, and a transplant will be done
next. We go soon for consultation and they
will tell us if they suggest stem cell or
bone marrow transplant. I am very anxious,
and cannot seem to find anyone who is a
survivor who had stem cell at least 3 years
ago. In fact, I can't seem to contact any
one at all who had stem cell done.Thank
you for sharing your story. I do have a
daughter that is age 23, who perhaps could
be tested as a doner. Good luck to you.

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I had a transplant for AML at age 19. My brother was my donor, and all went well. I have been cancer-free for almost 5 years. Feel free to contact me with any questions or if you would just like someone to talk to!

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Hi kmcighin
I have a 21 year old son just a month ago
diagnosed with aml. one month in hospital,
with chemo, he is now in remission and
transplant is next step. We don't know if
it will be bone or stem cell transplant.
Glad to know you are doing so well after
so long. That is really incouraging to me
and I would like for you to talk to me
more about your experience. Please answer
me if you get on.

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Hi rebecca; since your last message was
on May, I wonder if by now you have had
your transplant. My 21 year old son was
recently diagnosed with aml, and is now
in remission after chemo.Transplant will
be the next step. How are you doing? He
has a sister, but, she has not been tested
as of yet. If you get on this site, please
let me know how you are doing and where do
you live?

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