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Hi. My name is Chris, I am 50 and have Stage II Breast Cancer with a single micrometasis in one of two lymph nodes that were removed. I am trying to decide if I want to put myself through chemotherapy. My benefit would be 8% better chance of it not spreading elsewhere, which means, in my case that there would still be a 17% chance of it spreading. The upside is that it is a 75% chance that it won't spread. However I cannot resign myself to chemotherapy for 8% easily. I would love to hear from anyone especially someone who has or had a similar situation. Love to you all as you continue to survive.

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I was diagnosed at 63 with one node positive. I did the chemotherapy. 8% is a good amount. I went with the additional taxol for a 4% chance of better results.

For myself, if I have a recurrence, I will at least feel I did all I could at the outset when cancer is easier to control. Metatases are never cured.

If the recommendation is four AC treatments, it isn't all that bad and over in three months - be sure to insist on Zofran as anti-nausea - it works well.

50 is YOUNG!
Best wishes, Jean

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I was diagnosed w/invasive ductal carcinoma stage I, had a lumpectomy and radiation. Nodes were negative. I still did the chemo. I am 48 years old and I felt I was going to fight all the way any possibility of this going anywhere else. The chemo wasn't bad. I had 4 rounds of AC, over in 3 months. Zofran was the miracle. I was never sick, just had taste bud changes. Craved salty foods. Must take a stool softener and use a really soft toothbrush, canker sores are real common. It was a decision I do not regret. You will decide what is right for you, god bless, carol

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Hi Chris.I am 54 yrs old, was dx. in Jan. this year, left breast mastectomy, infiltrating ductal carcinoma grade 2. also had 2 nodes +. had my 4th chemo treatment today, the 1st one was a bad one, but figured out why, I was to nervious. take 3-4 zanaz a day and something for depression keeps me calm along with the help of the LORD.
I almost said no to chemo, but my family and friends and paster all said
I should do it.I have 4 more treatments to go then I feel I will have the beast within distroyed, I have lost my hair, that will grow back, besides it will be cooler this summer ha ha!
the lymph nodes are how the cancer travels only 1 microscopic cell can take up residence. talk it over with your DR. AND GIVE IT LOTS OF THOUGHT, I did, and prayer wont hurt eitherI will pray for you to make the right decision. LOVE and GOD BLESS AND KEEP YOU !!!GRANDMA/FLO

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Hi Chris,
I was diagnosed in April 2000 with infiltrating ductal carcinoma and DCIS. I had four rounds of A/C and 4 rounds of Taxol. If I had to do it all over again I would do the samething. I feel that it was all worth it.I won't say that it was easy all the time. There were days when I felt lousy and exhausted but everyones body reacts different. I made it through with the help of the Lord and family and friends.It has to be your decision. I will be praying for you and we are all here for you what ever you decide.Let us know how you are doing. God Bless

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I think one has to do what they are most comfortable with. I find it hard something like that was said especially with it found in lymph node at all. That would be my concern had it not gotten to nodes I would tend to agree with their thought process.
Just my opinion,

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Hi Chris. I was dx in Jan 98 when I was 29. I only had 1 (out of 20) positive lymph nodes BUT my onc said the fact that I had 1 meant the cancer could be anywhere else in my body. He said b/c of that, chemo was a must! The prospect of chemo and all of it's nasty side effects is scary, but remember that we are all here for you and to help you get through it. I had 12 rounds of A/C/5-FU followed by 37 rads. I thought it would never end, but now, when I'm watching my kids play ball, or reading with them, or just playing with my dogs, I thank God that I went thru it all. 8% is a significant increase in your chance to avoid recurrence. I will pray for God to help you with this decision. Best wishes, angie

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tough choice.... I went thur 35 days of radiaiton to increase my ''chances'' by 17%----- chemo is rough - but anything you can do to survice is worth it i think
But the final decision will be between you and your Dr
I wish you the best of luck... and am free for ''chat '' anytime.. email me at ribbitfrog13@icqmail.com and we can set up a ''chat date''..... JB

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I think at 50 you need to do all you can to fight the cancer. I did not have positive nodes but some other suspicious pathology so I took 6 months of chemo. I only had a lumpectomy and radiation ... but looking back I wish I had of done a mastectomy. I feel my breast all the time and think I have lumps ... funny thing is I never had a lump to begin with ... it was found on mammogram. Anyway ... chemo is not pleasant ... and if it seems like to much you could probably stop. Good luck with your decision. Jamie

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I want to clearify what I mean by at 50 you need to fight ... you are young. If you were in your 70's or 80's that would be a different story ... and even then if you are healthy ... the chemo will give you a much greater chance of a recovery.

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Hi Chris, My name is Melody and I'm under 'Hagelgans'-New to site. Chemotherapy was not an easy thing, however, it saved my life. I can relate to should I/shouldn't I.
When I was diagnosed at Advanced Stage III, I was told about a stem cell transplant - it was controversial and was told some people don't survive it. I am a single mother(48) of a 9 year old and I did decide to go ahead with the transplant. If my cancer does come back, at least I know I did everything I could. Go for it - "this too shall pass."
Let me know how you're doing. Melody

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Hi Chris....i didn't have to have chemo, but let me relate what my oncologist told me about it. She said that they don't recommend chemo for well-differentiated tumores under 2 cm, or if it will not make at least a 3% difference in your chance of survival. Anything over 3% is considered worth going through it. You have to decide for yourself, but If I got 8% out of it, I would go for it. I know a lot of women personally who have been through the chemo, and I see women who are still here 10 to 16 years after having it, and they are all healthy. We all wish we could just snap our fingers and make it go away, but we can't. So, we do what we have to to fight for our wonderful lives. Best wishes to you, and I'll say a prayer that you will be able to make the decision that is right for you. God bless...Cyndi

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Hi Chris,

My name is Bev, I am 56 and was diagniosed also with stage II that went to lymph nodes. Did you have a mastectomy, or lumptectomy? They didn't know until they did a lumptectomy now they need to do a mastectomy cause some margins weren't clear. I will have reconstruction at the same time. Seeing plastic surgeon this week. If you need chemo you have to do it. I'm waiting on the hormone receptor test. Spoke with some women who had reconstruction after said they are sorry they didn't do it all at once. Whatever you do my prayers are with you. Support groups are beneficial., hugs to you Bev

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