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Removal of Right Lung

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In post op recovery after 8 weeks and not progressing. Have 8 to 10 coughing eposodes per day to try and bring up mucus stuck in the windpipe. Has anyone had a similiar experience? Can you offer any encouragement and what was done to get past this?

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I too had my right lung removed in June, 1998. I am a 4 year survivor. I was unable to return to work for nine weeks after surgery, the most difficult task was walking up a flight of stairs. Although, I had some coughing spells after surgery, there were not many episodes. ARe you using a breathing machine, has your physician given you an inhaler to use. Although everyone is different and circustances are different it depends on the condition of the remaining lung. If you have any questions, you can email me at MrMann19@aol.com

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I am almost 8 weeks post op of a right lobe removal done by VATS.   I have had violet coughing episodes since the 1st week after surgery.    My doctor has put me on Symbicort and a rescue inhaler and is pushing predisone, which I won't agree to.   This has caused severe pain in my right chest, back and diaphragm.     This coughing has also affected my appetite, and my energy level.    The pain has gotten worse as I continue to cough.    Hope they find something to help you.  debbi

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